Credit: Photo Illustration: ABC Family / Wetpaint Entertainment    
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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Secret Life of the American Teenager Hook-Up Chart

We’ve hit the point on Secret Life of the American Teenager where everyone’s slept (or gate-way sexed) with everyone else, and it’s downright confusing.

The cast has swapped so much spit, we thought you might need a little help remembering whose locked lips (and hips) with who.

Where to begin? Ricky and Adrian, Adrian and Ben, Ben and Amy, Amy and Ricky — and to top it all off babies are popping out left, right, and center. Click the chart to enlarge!

Ricky’s Circle

Ricky + Randoms
Ricky + Amy
Ricky + Adrian
Ricky + Lauren
Ricky + Grace
Ricky + Ashley
Ricky + Zoe
Ricky + Karlee

Adrian’s Circle

Adrian + Ricky
Adrian + Max
Adrian + Ben
Adrian + Jack
Adrian + Henry
Adrian + Dante
Adrian + Omar

Jack’s Circle

Jack + Shawna
Jack + Grace
Jack + Madison
Jack + Alice

Grace’s Circle

Grace + Jason
Grace + Ben
Grace + Ricky
Grace + Jack
Grace + Grant
Grace + Daniel

Ashley’s Circle

Ashley + Grant
Ashley + Henry
Ashley + Toby
Ashley + Ricky

Ben’s Circle

Ben + Amy
Ben + Grace
Ben + Adrian
Ben + Maria
Ben + Dylan

Amy’s Circle

Amy + Ricky
Amy + Ben
Amy + Jimmy