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Most Eligible Dallas

Why Most Eligible Dallas’ Courtney Kerr Should Be on The Bachelorette

Most Eligible Dallas' Courtney Kerr recently mentioned that she’d like to be on the The Bachelorette. She may have been joking, but after thinking about it, we kind of think it's a great idea. (But only if by some strange circumstance MED isn’t renewed for a second season.)

Here are our top five reasons this Texan fashionista should make an appearance on reality's biggest dating show:

1. She's got the look. She's stylish, blonde, and knows how to cake on the makeup. She's the put together kind of attractive that makes for a good TV star.

2. She's not afraid to speak her mind. There's a reason Courtney is one of the most memorable characters from Most Eligible. This tough chick wouldn't let the guys get away with any shady business.

3. She's hilarious. Just check out these quotes. Any show that features Courtney is a show that features lots of laughs.

4. Her fantastic dating insights. Courtney has thoughts on what makes a good match for every person she knows. Lots of thoughts. She'd probably have advice about finding the perfect girl for every guy she rejected over the course of the show, and that would be fun.

5. She wants to settle down. Last, but certainly not least, Courtney seems really ready to commit — if she finds the right guy. Maybe being on The Bachlorette would finally make that dream come true for her.

And hey, if you think she's a little much to be the star of The Bachelorette, she could also make a good contestant on The Bachelor. We bet she would have hilarious things to say about the other contestants. Are you listening, ABC?