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7 Things You Need to Know About Ringer Star Madchen Amick

Welcome to Ringer, Mädchen Amick. Hope you enjoy Chanel, Gucci and the occasional corpse.

In case you didn’t already know, Mädchen will play Greer Sheridan, one of Siobhan’s former biffles who meets Bridget at a charity event in Episode 11. We can’t tell you more than that, but we can satiate your quest for knowledge with 6 fun facts about The Upper East Side’s newest belle of the ball!

1. She got her start on Twin Peaks! Mädchen is best known for playing Shelly Johnson in David Lynch’s iconic small town murder mystery! If you want to check out Mads in her prime, watch this show out ASAP!

2. She’s a CW alum! Mädchen played Pacey's hot boss on Dawson's Creek, Rory’s stepmom on Gilmore Girls, and Nate’s lover, Duchess Catherine Beaton, on Gossip Girl. Mads says she starred in Gossip Girl because of her kids.

“They wanted me to do it,” she tells UGO. “I wasn't sure just because of the travel, because one show was shooting in L.A. and Gossip Girl is done in New York. But everyone was great about working out the schedules so I could do it. It was good. And Chace is 23. My daughter had a sleepover with her friends the night of my first show and when they saw me they were like, ‘This is weird.’"

3. She’s a married woman! Mädchen is happily married to her songwriter hubby, David Alexis. “When I first came to Hollywood and was going 20 calls a day, David was living on the other side of the street from me,” Mädchen says.

“It was interesting. I wasn´t gonna date anyone; I was there to have a career and go after it. And I met him and just fell in love.” Awww, how adorable!

4. She’s best friends with Sarah Michelle Gellar! Mädchen and Sarah became friends when Mads costarred along side Freddie Prize Jr. in his ABC comedy Freddie. They must be having a blast filming Ringer together!

5. Her unusual name means “girl” in German! Mädchen’s from the good ol’ US of A, but her parents wanted to give their daughter an “interesting” name. We approve.

6. She’s a high school dropout! Mädchen ditched school at the tender age of 16 to move to The City of Angels in the hopes of pursuing her dream to model and act. We wouldn’t reccomend this course of action for most teens, but it seems to have worked out great for Mads!

7. She’s a talented musician! Mädchen is best known for her acting chops, but she grew up playing piano, bass and the violin. Her stepfather was an accomplished musician, and her husband is a songwriter! Will Madchen follow in the footsteps of her Gossip Girl co-star Leighton Meester and drop an album?

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