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The Bachelorette

Blake Julian and Holly Durst: Five Reasons Why They’ll Make It

Now that we’ve finished harumphing for Michael Stagliano and our cynical eyebrows have completed their “Oh, reaaally” dance, we’re willing to cut Holly Durst and Blake Julian some slack. Maybe these crazy Bachelor Pad 2 lovebirds will actually make it after all. Here are five reasons we think it’s not only possible, but probable.

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1. They bonded over adversity
It’s not like they were trapped in a cave and had to chop off their own arms, but they went through a lot of drama on Bachelor Pad Season 2. Holly entered the show in a complicated relationship with Michael, having been engaged just a few months earlier. She admitted she had commitment issues, but after she ended the engagement, she wanted to get back together with Stag. They tried to make it work, but he ended it the second time. Then HE wanted her back once they were in the same house during BP2. By then Holly had met Blake — and they had their snow date. That date changed everything. Michael was upset with Holly and Blake. Melissa Schreiber felt scorned by Blake. A lot of folks questioned Holly for not being more clear with Michael from the outset. And then there was that whole engagement blindside on the BP2 finale. All of that just pushed Blake and Holly closer together — just like those “extreme” adrenaline dates on The Bachelor/ette end up bringing couples closer. There’s the feeling that you’ve been through something major together and, if you could get through that, then it’s “me and you against the world.” Or with the world when they stop hating you. Whatever.

2. They moved in together
Amazingly, a lot of actual Bachelor/ette couples never even make it this far. They talk about it (*cough*EmilyandBrad*cough*) but real life just gets in the way. Blake and Holly have been in daily contact since BP2 wrapped. After the show’s September finale, she moved out to Greenville, SC, where Blake works as a dentist. They had a fun road trip from L.A. and seem to be enjoying local life in SC, hanging out with friends and fans.

3. They are out of the spotlight
Or, rather, they have more control over their spotlight. Holly and Blake still share wedding planning tidbits and photos with fans, but they don’t have to dodge paparazzi — and they don’t show up to film premieres or other events that might lure them into the showbiz bubble. They are just living normal lives that happen to include fan interest because they used to be on TV. Blake has a normal job as a dentist and with her half of the $250,000 BP2 winnings, Holly has been able to devote time to her passion, writing children’s books. Not too long ago she tweeted, “Just got out of a meeting with my publisher! ‘Chocolate Socks’ will be released in April!” So it’s not like she’s sitting in the South twiddling her thumbs, wishing she was back at some Hollywood fete.

4. They are moving forward with wedding plans
Granted, Holly has been in this position before, when she was planning a double wedding with Michael, his twin brother Stephen, and Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas. But the fact that Holly and Blake are moving so quickly with their plans just suggests that Holly is more sure this time. She and Michael appear to have had a more slow-burn kind of relationship that developed out of friendship and got stronger, even through rough patches. Her commitment-phobia may have just disappeared because she found the right guy for her. Anyway, she just tweeted on November that she had a busy day with her wedding planner and they picked the reception venue. They haven’t released a wedding date yet, but that’s coming soon. This wedding isn’t just in theory, it really seems to be happening.

5. They are really in love
Sometimes folks on The Bachelor and Bachelorette just get caught up in the competition of the show and end up engaged before knowing what’s happening. These two just seem to have hit it off right out of the gate, despite circumstances being wrong for them. Their BP2 love story was like something out of a novel — a sad novel where they weren’t actually the protagonists, but re-written, it could be a touching love-at-first-sight romance. They make each other smile. At one point Blake said he knew it was right with Holly when he didn’t find himself wanting any alone time. Now the guy who mocked anyone playing with his or her emotions on BP2 tweets cutesy things like “Lazy Sunday napping with my love. #lifeisgreat.” They genuinely seem to enjoy each other’s company. Even though it’s early days in their relationship, it’s good to see they are comfortable enough with each other to know what feels right. As Holly tweeted when someone asked her what made her decide to take the plunge, “Blake is a really good influence on my life. It felt great.”

We wish them all the best!

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