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America's Next Top Model

ANTM: Who is Lisa D’Amato’s Mystery Fiance?

Who are the men behind the models of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17: All-Stars? Last night on Episode 8: “Game,” we saw Lisa D’Amato win the ability to invite a special someone to visit her for a sleepover. What the producers didn’t show, according to Shannon Stewart, was the scene in which Lisa was told she could also pick a friend on the show to enjoy a visit from their significant other, too.

Today, Shannon tweeted, “that was so sweet of Lisa... :) we had fun with our men! they both stayed the night too! :)” So we never got the chance to see Shannon’s god-like husband (we picture him with a cherub face and angel wings).

But we did see a brief scene where Lisa introduced us to Adam, a shockingly normal-looking guy, as her fiance. According to the diva-in-training, they are complete opposites — she’s the wild and crazy one; he’s the sane, cool cucumber. We took this to mean that they guy is a snorefest, until we tried to figure out his identity.

Nothing! No clues, mentions, tweets that we could find. Which makes him decidedly less boring and far more intriguing. Any ideas?

Source: Twitter

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