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The Secret Circle

“Not All Witches Are Created Equal”: Top 10 Quotes From The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 8: “Beneath”

We can’t get enough of The Secret Circle’s witty witch dialogue – especially when Truth Or Dare is involved! Check out the top 10 zingers from The Secret Circle Season 1, Episode 9, “Beneath”, and heads-up: these quotes might cast a spell on you.

10. Diana (Shelley Hennig) arrives at Cassie’s (Britt Robertson) house: “Last time I was here I was drugged, kidnapped and almost killed.”
Just a typical Chance Harbor Halloween party!

9. Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) talks back to Diana: “The game’s not called truth or fair.”
So true, Faye.

8. Faye insults Cassie: “Doe-eyed Orphan Annie breezes into town acting like she doesn’t know the difference between witchcraft and Santa Claus.”
Woah, woah, woah. Don’t bring Santa into this.

7. Jake (Chris Zylka) turns on the charm: “The closer I get to her, the closer I get to knowing how to kill her.”
Ah, young love.

6. Jake warns Cassie: “Not all witches are created equal.”
Uhm, duh! It’s like Jake hasn’t even looked at himself in the mirror.

5. Faye “truths” Cassie: “Is it only other people’s boyfriends that turn you on?”
Answer: Yes.

4. Faye complains about riding with Diana and Adam: “You totally car-blocked me!”
Car-blocking is the new c**k-blocking.

3. Jake flirts with Cassie: “You’re cute when you’re angry.”
What about the other 99.99 percent of the time?

2. Faye makes eyes at Jake: “I’ll be in the tub if you need me.”
Nothing is hotter than a tub full of seaweed.

1. Jake makes magic with Cassie: “It won’t hurt, I promise.”
Yeah, we’ve heard that one before.

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