Secret Circle Spoiler: Will Jake Join The Circle?
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The Secret Circle

Secret Circle Spoiler: Will Jake Join The Circle?

Warning! Spoilers below!

There’s only one more episode of The Secret Circle before the mid-season finale, and we’re itching to know whether Cassie (Britt Robertson) will end up with Jake (Chris Zylka) or Adam (Thomas Dekker)! Diana (Shelley Hennig) and Adam have broken up for the third time in three episodes, and it seems like Diana’s made it pretty clear that she expects her man to explore his feelings for Cassie. But will Cassie take the bait?

“Now that Adam and Diana are broken up, he seems to be on the market, but at the same time, Cassie doesn’t want to jeopardize her relationship with Diana,” Britt Robertson tells EW!. “That’ll be a tough call, and I think it’s something she’ll constantly be battling with because she does have such strong feelings for Adam. At the same time, she values that relationship with Diana so much.”

And then there’s Jake, Cassie’s older and slightly-studly potential boyfriend. According to Britt, we can look forward to “a big Jake reveal. Whether it’s that the whole Circle finds out who he is or just one person finds out … but Jake has to ultimately make a decision. Is he going to be a witch hunter and hurt the circle, or is he going to end up joining them and being a part of these new-found friends?”

To be a crazed killer or not to be a crazed killer? That is the question.

Source: EW!

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