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The Secret Circle

Secret Circle Spoiler! Will Jake Say “I Love You” To Cassie?

Warning! Spoilers below!

Cassie (Britt Robertson) and Jake (Chris Zylka) are getting hotter and steamier by the minute, after those lip-locks in Episode 8, "Beneath." Okay, so Jake did give Cassie the cold shoulder after she kissed him, but we have a feeling they're in for more steamy scenes in the future. After all, Britt Robertson let slip that their relationship might get even more intense than a spit-swap....

"I'm a girly chick, so I'm like, 'No, he loves her! He said himself, he loves her!'" Britt tells Zap2it. Woah there, Britt says. Are you trying to say that Jake drops the L-bomb on Cassie?

"I think there's something real,” she continues. “Initially, he came into the Circle, and he was trying to get rid of us, basically, but now as he's starting to get to know us, he's realizing that we're not trying to do bad, we're trying to make good out of a bad situation. We're trying to take on these powers that have been passed down to us, and do good with them. I think he's realizing that and is starting to fall for Cassie a little bit. Maybe I'm mistaken and maybe I'm a fool just like Cassie is, but I think it's something real. I'm sticking to that!"

Cassie and Jake are getting physical, but where does that leave Faye (Phoebe Tonkin)?

"The feelings between Jake and Faye never really go away,” Chris Zylka says. “But maybe the feelings were a bit misconstrued. I've talked with the producers and writers about it, because he can't just hate her that bad after she's given him so much.... she has always been able to put her finger on exactly what is wrong with Jake and what's going on in his head. He needs someone to say 'Hey, are you okay?' and Faye is going to be that person."

Sounds like Jake needs a sexy shoulder to cry on!

Source: Zap2it

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