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The Secret Circle

The Secret Circle Recap of Season 1, Episode 8, “Beneath”: Truth or Dare

Things have been tense in Chance Harbor ever since Cassie (Britt Robertson) spontaneously combusted her hot date last week. She needs advice more than ever, so it’s time to answer life’s most important question: Where in the world is Grandma Jane (and while we’re at it, Carmen Sandiego)? This week on The Secret Circle, the gang took a trip to find Grams, and let’s just say things didn’t turn out as planned. Let the makeout sessions begin!

Voodoo Child

Grams has been AWOL ever since she left to visit Henry, and Cassie has a sneaky suspicion that something witchy this way comes. The Circle heads over to her house (minus Melissa Glaser [Jessica Parker Kennedy], who’s out of town) and she tells everyone about lighting Luke on fire with the power of a gurgle. Curious to know more about Cassie’s solo skills and Jane’s whereabouts, the Circle decides to take an adventure through Washington to Henry’s lake house. Road trip 2011!

Before they leave, Jake (Chris Zykla) pays a visit to Isaac, who’s convinced that Jake has the red hots for Cassie. Jake throws him off the scent by offering to spy on the Circle, and insists that he just wants to kill Cass. So that’s what the kids are calling it these days. Meanwhile, Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) tells Dawn (Natasha Henstridge) about the upcoming trip to Henry’s house, which sends her tail-spinning into a panic. She calls Charles (Gale Harold), who’s taking a scenic drive to the middle of nowhere with Jane passed out in the backseat of his ride. Livin’ the good life, Charles!

Back in the Harbor, Charles knocks Jane out with a few roofies and heads over to Dawn’s house to show off his new crystal rock and let her know he hid Henry’s body. But what to do with the pesky passed-out elder? Dawn and Charles decide they should erase Jane’s memory, so they sneak into the club house to find Diana’s Book of Shadows. After casting one of his favorite Latin couplets, Charles unearths the book from the floorboards and proceeds to act all sensitive and emotional about Nick’s (Louis Hunter) death. Clearly, he’s about to spiral down into another fit of melancholy, so Dawn tries (and fails) to take the crystal away from him. Never mess with a man and his pet rock friend, Dawn.

Later, Charles talks to Jane — who is still passed out, by the way — and tells her they’re going to be great friends once he takes control of her mind. Sigh, poor guy just wants someone to hang out with.

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Game Time

So, this particular road trip is less “blast music in your Jeep” and more “wander around in an anorak and suffer delusions.” Equally fun. Cassie and Jake enjoy a sexually tense car ride (in which Jake busts out his sensitive side and Cassie chats about how she doesn’t know who her dad is), but when the Circle arrives at the lake house, they find it sadly devoid of old people. What happened to Henry and Jane? Meanwhile, Faye seems to have gone insane in the membrane and claims to hear a “little girl voice.” Things go from bad to worse when she finds tiny little child footprints and a pair of red rain boots. Uh oh, someone’s been watching The Ring!

Meanwhile, Cassie decides to light a fire — and by that we mean she and Jake use their raging sexual tension to kindle some tinder. As Cassie innocently places logs on the hearth, Jake slinks up behind her and suggests they do a spell — but not one of those mere chanting spells. A spell with their minds. After some heavy breathing, flames leap to life and Cassie and Jake stare knowingly at each other. Bad news, Adam (Thomas Dekker). It looks like you aren’t the only one who Cassie has spell-gasms with.

While Jake and Cassie get hot by the fire, Faye heads upstairs to take a bath and pound some whiskey. She closes her eyes, slips under water, and before she knows it she’s floating in a bunch of seaweed. Naturally everyone think she’s a drunken slob, and Faye accuses Cassie of setting her up. Them’s fighting words, Faye!

After recovering from her bathtub spa-treatment, Faye decides everyone should play Truth or Dare to get the party started. Sounds like a fab idea! Here’s what goes down: Diana (Shelley Hennig) strips off her shirt and accidentally arouses Adam in the process, we find out that Faye’s only slept with two guys, and everyone gets wasted. But things go from sexy to snarky when Faye accuses Cassie of being a boyfriend-stealer and Diana dares her to kiss Jake! After Cass and Jake smooch, she and Faye get into a jealous witch fight, and Faye heads to the car to drive back home. Unfortunatley, her small child friend in the red boots is there waiting for her.

Credit: Liane Hentscher/The CW © 2011 The CW Network, LLC    

What Lies Beneath

As Cassie cools down from Truth or Dare, she finds a baby picture of Faye (who looks mysteriously like the red-booted girl), but gets interrupted by Jake before she can dig deeper. Jake’s looking for a little late night delight, so he tells Cassie how adorable she is and encourages her to do magic on her own. The only thing Cassie has on her mind is Jake, so they make out –– until Jake suddenly rejects her. Sigh, studs. So many emotional highs and lows.

Meanwhile, Diana heads out to get firewood and Adam follows her like a puppy dog, begging for another chance. After a passionate argument they end up getting frisky in a woodshed and we get to see Diana’s bra for the second time in one evening.

Hot off the heels of being rejected by Jake, Cassie goes outside and runs into our little red-booted buddy. Cass chases her through the woods and finds Faye, who looks completely strung out and says, “The little girl is me.” Turns out Faye has a memory of almost drowning in the lake as a child and being saved by her grandpa, and she was wearing the exact same outfit as this little kid!

The Circle heads down to the lake, where Faye proceeds to throw herself in the water, when some yellow plastic suddenly catches Cassie’s eye. Yep, it’s Mini Faye, hanging ghost-style at the end of the pier. As the rest of the group try to calm down Big Faye, Cassie struts across the dock, sticks her hands in the water, makes some bubbles, and up pops Grandpa Henry’s decaying body. He’s baaaaack!

The next morning, Dawn heads down to the lake house to comfort a distraught Faye; Jake and Cassie head back to Chance Harbor; and Diana breaks up with Adam. Again. Her excuse this time? She wants to “find herself.” Expect her to be wearing tie-dye and planning a backpacking trip across Europe any day now.

Meanwhile, Cassie finally comes home and realizes that her Grams has no memory of being in Henry’s house — yet she left her scarf there. Mysterious.... Meanwhile, Isaac pays Jake an unexpected visit and they decide to kill Cassie and her Circle. In the words of Isaac: It’s time for the witches to die.

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