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Jersey Shore

#Twinning? The Jersey Shore Twins Are Auctioning Themselves Off On eBay

Jealous of The Situation and/or Deena's #twinning action in Italia this season on Jersey Shore? Well, thankfully, the twins aren't settling for their flash-in-the-pan moment of degradation fame. They're extending their 15 minutes by — wait for it — auctioning a date with both of them at the same time on eBay. No lies.

The infamous twins (Brittany and Erica) generously offer the chance to make your own headlines by going on a date with the two of them. Plus, they're including unlimited photo ops. Just think! You can reenact all those skeezy paparazzi photos where Mike has one arm around his two lady friends. Or, you know, more scandalous poses, if they're down. (And they probably are down.)

The starting bid is placed at a reasonable $1,000. You plan the date (lucky!), and there's no curfew. Of course, you must be 21 to bid, but shipping is free! The twins will ship themselves to you! Possibly in a cake! Who knows? The possibilities are endless.

In all seriousness: this is gross, and eerily mimics the act of prostitution. There are no bids yet (shocker); but hey, there's nine days left in the auction, so...happy bidding?

Source: eBay

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