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Bones Season 7 Premiere: The Top Three Moments

Now that the Bones season premiere is finally out of the bag, it’s time to pick through it — just like Brennan (Emily Deschanel) would pick through a putrefying corpse. (And we’ll be just as excited about it, too!) So what were the top three moments from Season 7’s maiden episode?

1. First, a gross-out moment: when the poor, innocent paintball player stumbles across the body. Executive producer Stephen Nathan warned us to expect disgusting things, and goodness, did he not disappoint! When the guy’s finger goes in the eye socket and that white stuff oozes out...?

2. Second, a moment of pathos: this is actually kind of a double. When Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan are in the café discussing the housing situation, Booth’s impassioned mini-speech about family comes across as both touching and moving. Good acting by Boreanaz there. And then, when the two pick up the conversation in the park...well, we hate to sacrifice any man-points by saying it, but the exchanged “I love yous” really hit us in the heart. After six whole seasons of waiting, just hearing it come out like that (especially from Brennan)...heck, are there any tissues in here?

3. Finally, an all around feel-good moment: of course, Booth and Brennan in bed at the end of the ep had to get a mention here. After worrying about the Moonlighting curse all summer, it’s just so cathartic to see these two characters even anywhere close to content with each other. It’s not like it’s completely blue skies ahead — even Booth and Brennan themselves mention that — but we take comfort in the firm resolution each of them exhibits that they’re (and we’re!) embarking on an exciting new adventure together.

Got any moments you think deserve to be on this list? Feel free to share!

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11.5.2011 / 02:42 AM EDT by Drew Belsky
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