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The X Factor

The X Factor’s Stacy Francis Vs. The Twitterverse

The feud between The X Factor's Stacy Francis and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has reached epic proportions.

Hilton has made regular allegations that Stacy Francis is lying about her run-of-the-mill past and in fact has a storied musical pedigree. But that's just a blogger trying to stir up stuff. It's what they do. But when the object of his current obsession responds, it's a story!

And what a response it is! Francis has her own allegations out now: apparently, Hilton has teamed up with Francis’s infamous ex in a slander-fest to end all slander-fests. “It hurts my feelings, because it’s a lot of lies he’s writing,” Francis said. “He’s getting all this stuff from my ex-husband and that was my abuser so it’s very disappointing.”

As could be expected of gossip bloggers and aspiring pop stars, there’s a lot of intricate interpersonal backstory (and backstabbing!). It seems that Francis and Hilton were actually friends before the Twitterpocalypse: “he DM’ed me that he loves my voice and hopes that I win.” Now that things have gone south, Francis denies all of Hilton’s allegations against her, including that she toured with Madonna and put out a solo CD.

Hilton, for his part, is sticking by his claims — and the allegedly honorable way in which he came to them. “I ABSOLUTELY did not get any facts about her past from anyone she's had a relationship with. Period!” Of course, he’s also calling Francis “diseased” make of this what you will.

Play nice, folks.

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11.6.2011 / 09:36 PM EDT by Drew Belsky
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