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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Family Members We’d Love to See Again

So far this season on Grey's Anatomy, Seattle Grace has hosted the mothers of doctors both alive (hooray, Jackson [Jesse Williams]!) and dead (sorry, Georgie). But those are only a couple of family members out of scores of the surgeons' broods, and we've got a hankering to see a lot more of them make a dramatic reprise or two. Here are some ideas of who could return, how, and why.

William George "Tuck" Bailey Jones
There are a ton of reasons why we want to see this little tyke again. 1) He has even more names than Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres. 2) He was nearly crushed by an off-kilter bookshelf, so we wanna make sure he's okay. 3) He's one of the last vestiges of George O'Malley's legacy. 4) It might mean Bailey (Chanda Wilson) would break out into another lullaby. 5) He's just so darn cute!

Sloan Riley
When Sloan Riley (whose name — let's face it — really should be Sloan Sloan) decided to leave Seattle to raise her unborn son instead of letting Mark (Eric Dane) and Callie (Sara Ramirez) raise it, Mark was devastated. Then she came back and Mark convinced her to give up the baby for adoption. But what if she ends up resenting him for that? That would be fodder for some serious father drama! Let's bring her back and watch the paternal pyrotechnics ignite.

Carolyn Shepherd
She approved of Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) for Derek (Patrick Dempsey) after Mer let down her hair from that awful bun Izzie gave her and got real. She approved of Lexie (Chyler Leigh) for Mark after Lexie came clean about her sexual partners and occasional speeding. It seems like she possesses this piercing stare that brings out the truth in significant others, and we'd love to see her use these powers on the hospital's latest couples.

Hannah Klein
This is our Hail Mary move to bring Izzie back to Seattle Grace. Dear Dramatic Gods (i.e. Shonda Rhimes), we need some freakin' closure! And not just us, but Alex (Justin Chambers), too! So let's page Hannah, the daughter Izzie gave up, stat. She already was a patient at the hospital once, but she declined a meet-and-greet — now let's have them actually meet face-to-face.

Alex's dad
Speaking of closure, it seems Alex and his father have a lot of unfinished business. When Alex was a kid, his dad beat him and his siblings time after time, and when Alex fought back, his dad left and never came back. Putting the two in the same room would make for some Emmy-worthy performances, we'd reckon. Bring on the scene-chewing!

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