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Mega Glee Sex Spoilers: Chris Colfer Dishes on Klaine Love Scene in Season 3, Episode 5, “The First Time”

Gleeks around the world are so nervous about Kurt’s first time in Season 3, Episode 5: “The First Time” — it’s as though it’s their own virginity is on the line. But the one person who actually had the right to be nervous — believe it or not — wasn’t. Chris Colfer dished about filming that love scene with on-screen beau Darren Criss (Blaine).

“People always make a big deal about a kissing scene or a love scene, but it really isn’t,” reveals the 21-year-old Glee star. “You have to realize it’s you, another actor, and a room full of 40 crew members.”

Still... There has to be some pressure, right? Well, maybe at first. Chris admits that whenever creator Ryan Murphy comes up to him with a new “sensitive issue” for his gay character to tackle, “I’ll freak out.” But in the end, he’s happy with the way it turns out.

And things were no different with the big love scene we’ll see in tomorrow night’s all-new Glee ep. “What I thought could be raunchy and over-the-top was just very sweet and emotional,” says Chris.

Credit: Beth Dubber/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

But with young love comes a whole mess of drama, too. Kurt is faced with not just the emergence of a new gay Warbler, Sebastian (Grant Gustin), who will go after Blaine, but also the return of closeted McKinley High student Karofsky (Max Adler) in the very same episode. Klaine’s relationship will be tested — could it possibly lead to a break?

“I would like to see that happen,” admits Chris. Be still our Klaine-loving hearts! But Gleeks may as well buckle up for a rocky ride, as Chris reveals that Blaine’s new admirer won’t be one to give up easily. “[T]his won’t be the last time we’ll see Sebastian try and steal Blaine.”

As we grapple with the fact that the future of our beloved Klaine is up in the air, one burning question remains about Kurt’s intimate moment with Blaine: shirt or no shirt? “I think having two gay guys having sex on television was enough,” Chris explains. “[Ultimately], I wore a shirt.”

Source: TV Line