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Bones Season 7 Spoiler: TJ Thyne Thinks New Villain Smarter Than the Team

Just in time for the Bones Season 7 inaugural week, we have two big interviews with one thing in common: TJ Thyne (Hodgins)! The garrulous actor put himself in the talking chair with both Jim Halterman and Give Me My Remote to hype...well, pretty much everything, from Bones to his new movie.

Last things first today: Thyne calls Shuffle, his new film, “a great little project.” After the success of his previous film, the indie Validation, Thyne was happy to get back together with his friend Kurt Kuenne (the director) and put Shuffle together. “It has this Twilight Zone-y feel,” Thyne told Halterman, “but it has got the heart of Frank Capra.” It’s got a bit of It’s a Wonderful Life, Thyne’s favorite film, in it as well. Definitely sounds like it’s worth watching!

So what’s going on with Bones? First of all, Thyne could not be happier with baby Hodgela: “Oh my God! So cute and amazing! … I haven’t heard him cry yet!” Well, with Bones making for such a “loving atmosphere,” who can be surprised to hear that? On a more poetic note, Thyne added, “In a show surrounded by death it’s so incredible to have this new life[,] and he has such a beautiful spirit.” Right on!

Then there’s Pellant, who Thyne suspects “may be smarter than the team.” And anyone who can out-think the masterminds at the Jeffersonian is naturally going to get Hodgins in a snit. “Hodgins would never admit this, but TJ is saying this[.] … [T]hat is frustrating as all hell to Hodgins.”

Throw in the return of Billy Gibbons as Angela’s father (“I have such a blast with him,” Thyne told GMMR, but Hodgins is “terrified of the man”), and we’ve got a lot to look forward to this season! Thyne agrees: “It’s going to be exciting to say the least.”

Sources: Jim Halterman, GMMR

11.8.2011 / 04:29 AM EDT by Drew Belsky
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