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Grey's Anatomy

A Brief Romantic History of Lexie Grey

What is it about Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh) that drives the men of Grey's Anatomy crazy? Her encyclopedia-like memory? Her Etch-a-Sketch skills? Her hatred for apples? Her love for trombone? Let's face it: she's kind of a nerd. Like, she's probably the second-biggest nerd in the hospital... second to April (Sarah Drew). But something about that chick makes all the guys weak in the loins. So, just like we chronicled Richard's (James Pickens Jr.) romantic history, let's rewind the clock to look back on some of Lexie's loves and sexploits.

The first person Lexie met upon arriving at Seattle Grace was the first person she fell for: 007 himself, George O'Malley. As interns together, she and George became friends and later roommates, but a little friendly kiss took that relationship to the next level for Lexie. She started crushing on George hardcore — like, to the point where she was actually sniffing him. But he never sniffed back, so to speak, and treated her callously. So she called him a jerk and moved on.

Meanwhile, as all the more professional doctors were scrambling to assist the paramedics injured in the ambulance crash, Lexie was busy flirting with Nick. Nick was a patient who had a neck tumor removed, leaving his corroded artery nearly exposed. Nick also bore this crazy resemblance to Seth Green. And he just so happened to have a thing for Lexie. Sadly, in mid-flirt, Nick laughed so hard that his artery blew. Suffice it to say, they never had their first date.

Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Lexie began sleeping with Alex (Justin Chambers), but Lexie broke it off when she realized that he was hung up on Rebecca/Ava. But then it happened again when Lexie and Alex were estranged from Mark (Eric Dane) and Izzie, respectively. It eventually became "a thing," even though Alex was only going through the motions and hoping that feelings will develop. The last nail in the coffin was when Alex, barely conscious after being shot by Gary Clark, cried out for Izzie.

Lexie's relationship with Mark also started out sexual and turned romantic. Mark even braved a beat-down from Derek (Patrick Dempsey), who had forbidden any sort of liaisons between Mark and "Little Grey.”. Then a, uh, crap-storm of drama came between them: Mark insisted that Lexie move in; Mark prioritized his daughter over Lexie; Lexie slept with Alex; Mark slept with Addison and Amelia and Callie (Sara Ramirez). Oy vey! Finally, enough was enough, and Lexie hit the road.

But she wasn't single for long! She started shacking up with Jackson (Jesse Williams), who was absolutely bonkers over her. And it was cute. But Lexie is and forever will be hung up on Mark, so Jackson finally grew tired of playing second fiddle — he dumped Lexie. And, tellingly, Lexie wasn't all that broken up about it.

What do you think, fans? Will Lexie and Mark reunite for the umpteenth time? Or will a sixth guy make a debut in Lexie's life? Sound off in the comments.

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