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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Exclusive: Behind the Scenes of Kim, Kyle, and Taylor’s Visit to Dr. Nassif’s Office!

After watching Taylor Armstrong and Kim and Kyle Richards get their plastic surgery on at the offices of Dr. Paul Nassif, Adrienne Maloof’s hubby, on the November 7 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, most viewers assumed they received their treatments for free. Not true, Nassif exclusively told Wetpaint Entertainment on November 8. While they did receive a friends and family discount, they paid for it out of their own Gucci-lined pockets.

Nassif broke down the costs of each of their treatments for us. Kyle opted for Zerona, a laser procedure that empties the contents of fat cells. A full package of three sessions a week for three weeks runs a cool $3,600. “You have to have the complete nine sessions for it to be effective,” Nassif explains. “She only did it once or twice after that initial session.” Why didn’t she follow through on the rest? Says Nassif, “She told me her husband, Mauricio, likes her muffin top the way it is!”

Years before she became a Beverly Hills Housewife, Taylor Armstrong admitted to getting permanent lip implants from another doctor. These days, says Nassif, Taylor’s face “can get very gaunt. Her temples and the area below her cheekbones get extremely hollow.” To remedy her drawn appearance, he used two kinds of fillers: five syringes of Perlane (which runs $750 a syringe) for her temple and the area below her cheekbones, and $1,000 worth of Restalyne for the areas underneath her eyes. He also injected her with Dysport, which is similar to Botox, to three sites at $350 per site: her forehead, the area between her eyes, and her crow’s feet.

Finally, eventually, came the perpetually late Kim Richards. After making sure her prescription medication wouldn’t interfere with the procedures, Nassif filled her smile lines in with two syringes of Restalyne, which run $600 each. He also filled her lips with one syringe of Juvederm (another $600) and gave her Dysport at two other sites.

“I saw Kim at a party a week later and she said she loved it,” says Nassif. “Taylor, too. She was very pleased.”

Got a plastic surgery question you want to ask Dr. Nassif? He’s happy to answer them on Twitter at or on his website at He even has his own iPhone app, “Dr. Paul Nassif,” which gives potential patients an idea what their “after” photo might look like.

But nothing beats having a plastic surgeon right there in the house — which is why we’re totally and completely jealous of his wife, Adrienne!

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