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Grey's Anatomy

Happy Birthday, Eric Dane! 39 Reasons Why We Love the Hot Doc

Mark Sloan of Grey’s Anatomy has a long list of attributes, including his abs, his laundry list of beautiful women, his gradual redemption from player to family man, and did we mention his abs?

But the man behind the doctor, Eric Dane, has even more fun, interesting, and downright shockingly fun facts about him. In honor of Eric’s 39th birthday today, November 9th, we’ve come up with 39 reasons why Dane is dynamite in our eyes.

1. He was on Married With Children... twice! In 1987, and again in 1995.
2. He began as a recurring star on Grey’s in 2005, but was so popular that they turned Mark Sloan into a regular.
3. Dane entered a California treatment center to rectify his problem with dependency on prescription drugs after suffering a sports injury. We congratulate him for getting help.
4. He is married to Rebecca Gayheart
5. His mother was a housewife.
6. He played a small role in Saved by the Bell - most likely a hunk.
7. Eric dated actress Lara Flynn Boyle in 2001, when they met filming crossover episodes of Gideon's Crossing and The Practice.
8. He was in the movie Helter Skelter, in which he portrayed Charles "Tex" Watson, a member of the Manson family.
9. He was on the cast of Charmed for two years.
10. Eric ranked No. 50 in's Hot 100 List of 2008.
11. His daughter, Billie Beatrice, was born on March 3, 2010.
12. He starred alongside Patrick Dempsey in the 2010 romantic comedy Valentine's Day.
13. Eric was the voice of Jamie Madrox/Multiple Man in X-Men: The Official Game.
14. He also had a bit part in Wonder Years.
15. About his wife’s first pregnancy, he said, “You know, I’m a hundred times more attracted to [Rebecca] now and I love her exponentially more than I did before.”
16. He played a soldier in the movie Serving in Silence (about Margarethe Cammermeyer's experiences in the military).
17. He was on the boys’ varsity water polo team in high school.
18. He's the only man who can make a salt 'n' pepper beard look hot.
19. In October 2007, during World Orphan Week, Eric participated in the SOS Children's Villages USA celebrity denim jacket auction, creating a Swarovski Crystal encrusted version to benefit orphaned children in Darfur.
20. His ideal day? “Sleep in - for me, that's about 9:15 - make coffee, quiet my head, make an omelet for my girl and play music. I make a hell of an omelet. And I make great chicken soup too!”
21. Eric's first appearance on a talk show was with The Ellen DeGeneres Show on October 12, 2006.
22. Eric was chosen as one of People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive for 2007.
23. His father was an architect.
24. When he was still an unknown, he had a small role on Roseanne.
25. Along with his Grey's Anatomy castmates, Eric was nominated in 2008 for a SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. They won the award in 2007.
26. He announced that his second child is on the way, in July 2011.
27. In 2006, he starred in the A&E TV movie Wedding Wars as the brother of a gay man (played by John Stamos) who goes on strike in support of marriage equality.
28. He was in a high school production of Arthur Miller’s play, All My Sons.
29. Eric and his wife Rebecca Gayheart introduced Charlie Sheen to his now-ex-wife, Brooke Mueller.
30. He said, “I don't feel any competition with Patrick [Dempsey]. But he keeps asking me when my calendar is coming out.”
31. Eric and Rebecca Gayheart got married on October 29, 2004, the same night they decided to over dinner. They immediately hopped a plane to Vegas and had their cab driver Sam stand in as best man.
32. On any similarities between him and his Grey’s character, Mark Sloan: “We both shower daily! There are a lot of things in common, but just so your mind doesn't go in the wrong direction, it's not the infidelity and deceitful, backstabbing side of him.”
33. Eric is the godfather of Balthazar Getty's son, Cassius. They have been best friends since 1991.
34. “She really ups my stock." – Eric, on his admiration of wife Rebecca Gayheart, to Rachael Ray.
35. Eric had to use double-stick tape to keep the towel on during his shower scene in Grey's Anatomy.
36. On show business: “This is a selfish business. And you have to be a selfish person. I can't help but be honest. It's written across my forehead. The majority of things I do on a day-to-day basis are for me. That's the way it has to be in this work.”
37. On his daughter Billie: "She owns me."
38. He played football in high school.
39. He’s McSteamy.

Happy birthday, Eric! Keep it steamy.

11.9.2011 / 06:30 PM EDT by Molly Friedman
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