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The Vampire Diaries

Logic Fails From The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 8: “Ordinary People”

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Credit: Annette Brown/The CW    

The Vampire Diaries is a show where witches can bring back people from the dead, vampires kiss humans instead of ripping their throats out, and werewolves have silky smooth chests when they haven’t transformed. And we accept all of this without the blink of the eye. Yet it’s the little things that make us scoff and say, “that would never happen.” Check out the biggest logic fails from Season 3, Episode 8, “Ordinary People.”

Rebekah texts Elena
Rebekah’s been busy since arriving in Mystic Falls. Not only did she find time to register for high school, secure a spot on the cheerleading team, and buy a cell phone, she also scored Elena’s digits. Seriously, we know it was just a reason to show off Elena’s bitchin’ Samsung phone, but it’s not like “For a good time, call Elena” is carved on a bathroom stall (or inside the Lockwoods’ caves).

Rebekah trusts Elena’s fashion advice?
Elena just got rid of her henley collection, and all of a sudden Rebekah wants her to choose a homecoming dress for her? With a squad full of cheerleaders/models, Bex could’ve found someone to give better input than Elena’s panicked decision. You know we’ll be watching to see if Bekah really goes with Elena’s split-second pick in the homecoming episode.

To the caves!
Alaric took a bajillion photos of the Lockwood caves; not a hieroglyph was overlooked. And yet, he trooped back down into the dankness with Bonnie and Elena so they could… What? Look at the same pics in bad lighting? And while we’re on the subject, Alaric has been staring at those carvings all damn day; he deciphered vampire, werewolf, and witch all by himself, but it took Elena to figure out that werewolf + vampire = hybrid? Elena was enough of a BAMF in this episode without stealing Alaric’s archaeological thunder.

All Stefan needed was a little sun
When Damon visits his bro in the dungeon, Stefan is all strung out and addict-y. (His hair is still immaculate, though.) Cut to the dive bar they waltz into, and suddenly The Ripper is all dressed up and rosy cheeked. No more red-rimmed eyes or sweaty pallor. They must’ve stopped for a blood bag along the way, right?

Bonus: Someone actually noticed the Ripper feeding on someone. These bar patrons are much savvier than the ones at the Mystic Grill… except that they failed to notice the brothers taking hits of their waitress.

11.9.2011 / 05:45 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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