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Jersey Shore

Chloe Sevigny Thinks JWOWW is Sexy, But Jersey Shore is “Diminishing” Our Culture

Of all times to mock Jersey Shore, why would Chloe Sevigny choose now? The amazing eight are at their peak of highbrow acceptance. Not only have they inspired a cultural class at the University of Chicago, but Vinny is lecturing at Columbia University; Snooki just wrote her second book; Ronnie has embarked on a serious athletic career; and JWOWW was actually covered in fabric from neck to toe this Halloween. This is an officially classy bunch.

But Chloe isn’t impressed. In an interview with Bullett Magazine where she was promoting her new clothing line for Opening Ceremony, Chloe shared her opinion on Snooks ‘n’ the gang: “I think it’s really depressing that people are propping these people up as celebrities. The way they behave is embarrassing, and I think it’s kind of diminishing our culture. Most reality TV people behave like pigs, and it’s unfortunate that they get put on pedestals for doing so.”

Chloe also said that Snooki would probably “look a lot better” wearing Chloe’s designs than her current line-up of tight glitter-wear. But the actress wasn’t all criticism and judgment. She has a girl-crush on JWOWW: “I have to admit, I do find that JWOWW sexy in a really weird way. It’s like that sexy, dirty kind of girl — not dirty, but like a hot mess.” We agree that Jenni’s appeal extends much farther than young guys, and we think she’d appreciate the “dirty” girl comments, too.

Source: Bullett Media

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