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Exclusive Interview! Tamara Taylor on Bones, Season 7 Action: “It’s Always Fun”

With the new, baby-laden season of Bones finally under way, we were wondering what the future holds for everybody’s favorite by-the-book Medical Examiner, Camille Saroyan. So we went right to the source and scored some phone time with Tamara Taylor, who plays Cam on the Fox hit. In our exclusive Wetpaint Entertainment interview, Tamara tells us how the Bones offspring will effect Cam while she tries to run her lab, predicts more “madcap hijinks” with Cam’s own daughter, and gives us the latest on Emily Deschanel’s (Brennan) real life new baby boy.

Wetpaint: Let's talk about Cam. How do you feel about what the writers have in store for her? Are you cool with the whole "Cam's a fun-hating authoritarian thing"?

Tamara: I actually don’t know what the writers have in store. I suspect that there’s going to be more madcap hijinks with my daughter and my boyfriend, because those are already established storylines. But they haven’t really let us know.

So do you think maybe Cam will loosen up a little?

[Laughing] I hope she loosens up. I don’t like to think of her as anti-fun, I think of her as appreciating the peccadilloes of the people she’s working with. I think beneath the veneer of her upset is actually a deep appreciation of everyone involved.

Generally, Cam's firm roots in the lab keep her well away from the action side of Bones. Would you like to see that change? Maybe a few suspenseful scenes involving Cam and the new serial killer?

Hell yes! That would be so much fun. The new serial killer is so creepy and being out on location is always a blast. It’s always fun.

How do you think Cam's relationship with Michelle (Tiffany Hines) will change in light of all the new babies bouncing around on Bones? Do you think all that extra parenthood will have an effect on her?

I wonder, I wonder. I hope it does. She’s definitely not a natural mom. She’s there trying, though.

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Now, we know Cam has a steel stomach, but what about Tamara? What's the grossest thing you've had to deal with on Bones?

Oh my gosh. There have been so many. The good thing is that with most of the amazing special effects work is that it’s convincing but it does still smell like plastic, so I’m not usually grossed out. When it comes to working with live things, I get a little freaked. Live rats, live maggots, live roaches, I’ve had to do them all. I’m a little more squeamish about that. And of course TJ is like the mean older brother who likes to be around all those things, so he gets a big kick out of it.

Remember the halcyon days when it was Cam in a relationship with Booth (David Boreanaz)? The two characters don't interact all that much anymore. Would you like to see that change?

You know what, I always love doing scenes with David. He and I, I think, we blend well and have a good chemistry just because I think both of us find the relationship interesting. And Cam is essentially one of his best friends. So the answer to that would be, yes, I’d love to do more.

How about Cam and Sweets (John Francis Daley)?

I would love that. I adore John. He’s just so much fun. He’s actually, like TJ, I have a hard time containing myself with John because he’s really funny and I’m a laugher.

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How is Emily doing?

Emily is doing fantastically. She’s really, really enjoying motherhood.

Have you met the baby?

I have. He’s beautiful.

Series creator Hart Hanson recently mentioned that Cam will feel a bit left out as the only woman in a workplace without a new baby. What do you think?

It will be interesting to see how they deal with it. There’s probably a part of her that maybe starts to feel a little left out. Though she has Michelle, Michelle is a teen. I’m sure it’s an issue that every woman would have to come to terms with on some level.

You just finished making Shuffle with TJ Thyne (Jack Hodgins) and Kurt Kuenne. How does the film-making experience differ from the television-making one?

The film-making experience is really awesome because you get to really dive into the characters and scenes in a different way than you get to with TV because you actually have more time. So that’s kind of fun. And this film in particular was a different experience because I was actually working with my pal, so it made it extra fun.

Would you like to see yourself more in movies, or are you inextricably attached to Bones? (We sure are!)

I think I really like Bones. TV keeps you on your toes. It moves at a faster pace and so it exercises a different muscle than film does. That said, I love film, I love being able to dive in deep and really go for it. So in a perfect world I’d do both.

Two words: Bones movie. Are you in, or are you out?

[Laughing] Where does this come from, a Bones movie? That’s interesting. It’s the first I’ve heard of it.

Well, you know, following in the footsteps of other great duo crime dramas like, um…

X-Files? Well, you know what? I would not say no to it. I think it would be a blast and another opportunity to work with my friends on something that we all love. Why not?

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