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Most Eligible Dallas

Exclusive: Is Most Eligible Dallas’ Tara Harper Turning Vegan?

Being a modern-day Dallas pin-up girl isn’t as easy as it looks. Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Most Eligible Dallas star (and animal activist) Tara Harper to talk about her newest challenge: becoming a vegan in Texas.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How has your transition from vegetarian to veganism been going?

Tara Harper: I’m trying! It is extremely hard for me to give up cheese and wine. There are vegan cheeses and wines but they aren’t always available.

Is it hard being a vegetarian/vegan in Texas? Any good places/tips you can recommend for Dallas vegetarians?

In the state best known for their steakhouses, I have to admit the vegetable plates are amazing. A Dallas institution is Cosmic Café. A hearty meat eater can leave there feeling satisfied and not like they were missing the main part of the meal.

How has your charity worked influenced your decision to become a vegetarian/vegan?

I became a vegetarian almost 20 years ago. It has always been hard for me to justify eating an animal when I work so hard to save them. I admit I have cheated by eating chicken and turkey lately but after watching a few Farm Sanctuary videos I have been back on the path to being a vegetarian. Don’t get me wrong — it is my choice to not eat meat. I don’t push my beliefs on anyone who chooses to live a different lifestyle. That is why it is so important for animals to have the most humane treatment possible at slaughter houses.

How did you get involved in the “A-Round of A-Paws” event?

Because of my work with Paws in the City, I was approached first by the American Humane Association to participate in the National Hero Dog Ceremony in Los Angeles with other celebrity judges like Betty White and Whoopi Goldberg. And since then, they have been so generous to invite me to other events including Round of A Paws. I have to say that I love these opportunities because it helps me build my own organization in Dallas and my message gets more national attention.

In the Denver area? Catch Tara Harper as she emcees the “A-Round of A-Paws” charity event on Friday, November 11th to raise funds for Assisted Therapy dogs for the American Humane Association.

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11.10.2011 / 08:38 PM EDT by Molly Friedman
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