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Dancing With The Stars

New Rumor About Hope Solo’s “Holier Than Thou” Attitude Sparks Twitter Feud

So much for that story applauding the lack of divas on the set of Dancing With the Stars Season 13. Oy. That was the scoop out of HollywoodLife in early October, but now that we're in early November, their source is dancing a very different jig.

Hope [Solo] always acts better than everyone. She has this ‘holier than thou’ attitude and it’s really getting on all of our nerves,” HollywoodLife’s DWTS insider said. “She’s rude and we’ve wanted her gone for weeks!”

That comment alone was going to rile the passionate and loyal Team MakSolo fans, but the next part gets strange. Diana Watt, who hosts a show called Diana's Ballroom for Reality Nation, is not a big fan of Hope on DWTS and she tweeted some links to the new story:

@DianaWatt: I have been saying for weeks that Hope isn't well liked by t/cast

@DianaWatt: Thank you @TarynWilkey for finding this article that supports my theory that nobody on #DWTS likes @hopesolo & it shows in her behavior.

Hope Solo responded to Diana on Twitter: “@DianaWatt get off your couch and do something productive with your life sweetheart. Starting rumors? What did your mama ever teach u!”

That started a new round of Hope fans going after Diana. “OH my I just have to laugh, I am a veteran of the armed forces and was just called unAmerican because I am not a fan of Hope Solo #lovelife,” Diana tweeted.

But Diana’s supporters also went on the attack — which Diana said she didn’t want. “If you R a fan of mine, I thank you! Plz don't attack @hopesolo or her fans to defend me, that is just not my style. Let them go there not U.”

Fans have always had strong opinions about DWTS — if they didn’t, the show wouldn’t have 13 seasons and counting — and there’s nothing more American than shouting your opinion from the nearest rooftop (aka Twitter). It’s just weird to think this season is down several million viewers from the last few seasons even though fans seem more engaged than ever. Maybe ABC should start posting Twitter feuds as promos. Look at what you’re missing, drama lovers!

Source: HollywoodLife (via @DWTSGossip)

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