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America's Next Top Model

Exclusive: Scouted’s Beri Smither Compares the New Show to ANTM

E!’s new reality show borrows the general premise of America’s Next Top Model, but focuses more on the modeling world’s basics: how girls are discovered on the street, and how agencies transform them into valuable commodities.

Wetpaint Entertainment spoke to the show’s Model Mentor, supermodel Beri Smither, who will appear as the Tim Gunn-like figure, helping the young girls get through the industry’s battle field unscathed.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What inspired you to take part in this show?

Beri Smither: I've been in this business a long time and saw this opportunity as a way to showcase my experience and love for these aspiring young models. I want to get the true message of modeling out there and illustrate to the general public that this is a serious business and being Scouted is an incredible gift.

Are there any requirements (height, size, age) that must be met before you’ll meet with an aspiring model?

Height: 5’9” and above
Size: 2 - 8
Ages: 16 - 18

However, if I am interested by the photo and video of a girl, I will see them even if they are outside of the aforementioned requirements. There is wisdom in "never say never" and "contempt prior to investigation."

How does it differ from other fashion and modeling shows, like America's Next Top Model?

Scouted is the real "model scouting" process from the nuts to the bolts. This show documents a girl being discovered by a Scout in the girl's natural environment and/or day-to-day life, such as at a school activity, a concert, a day trip to Sea World, her work day (wherever that may be, i.e. Dunkin’ Donuts), or frankly even crossing the parking lot! I have also witnessed cases where the Scout sneaks into a model contest/convention as a model herself in order to scout the girls there. Scouts need to be creative like in any business!

The opportunities to find "diamonds in the rough" are endless but the keen eye to spot these beauties is special and uncommon. Not only does the show go in depth into the scouting world, but it reveals the evolution of a model from an awkward, country tomboy to a New York fashionista. This show actually is the catalyst for the girls' careers. After the cameras are off, we at the Scouting Company, along with the modeling agency, look for jobs for the girls that we see potential in. It's really an amazing thing to be a part of.

Do you think America’s Next Top Model is realistic?

Some of it yes.

Does going on a reality show help an aspiring model’s career, or hurt it?

It all depends on the reality show and who the girl is inside and out.

What makes for a good model?

Personality, physical requirements, passion, intelligence, creativity, vulnerability, strength, stamina, desire.

What tips would you give an aspiring model?

One of the BEST things about being a model is that you get to be a part of, and sometimes set, trends. The entire world looks to young, creative and expressive men and women to shepherd in ideas on fashion and art. Right now, I'd say that the following should be at the center of how you approach the profession:

- Treat the business as a profession because that's what it is. Be responsible with your finances. Invest in your future.
- Keep the lines of communication with your agent very current and open.
- Trust your management team.
- Learn what it means to be professional. Seek out a mentor and never stop asking questions. Stay true to yourself. Never compromise yourself or your integrity.
- Know your limitations.
- Stay healthy physically and mentally.
- Nurture relationships in the industry.
- NEVER give up. If you fall, pick yourself back up and keep moving forward.
- Never stop being teachable.
- It's healthy to take risks, as long as you've evaluated the situation and are prepared for all possible results!!

Scouted premieres at 10/9c on November 28th on E!.

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