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Glee Season 3, Episode 5: “The First Time” Best and Worst Song Performances — Do You Agree?

Glee manages to pack an insane number of songs into each episode, which means there will always be a few standouts... along with the inevitable dud or two. We've narrowed the performances from Season 3, Episode 5: “The First Time,” down to the very best and the coulda-done-without. After all, not every Glee cover can be a bestseller on iTunes!

Best Performance of the Night: “One Hand, One Heart” by Rachel and Blaine

Sure, the Warblers’ “Uptown Girl” was a blast, but “One Hand, One Heart” provided the emotional catharsis that this episode needed. Blaine (Darren Criss) and Rachel (Lea Michele)’s performance was powerful and touching, but what put this one over the top was that it was interspersed with those (not-exactly-steamy but still cute) bedroom scenes. And for everyone’s sake, let’s just focus more on the soaring harmonies than the fact that Kurt (Chris Colfer) was wearing socks in bed, shall we?

Worst Performance of the Night: “Tonight” by Rachel and Blaine

The performances here were fine, but they did seem lacking in power (which might have been done for the sake of the story, but still). There was indeed something missing in Rachel and Blaine’s connection, even if we’re pretty sure a real theatre director would get fired on the spot for asking about the cast’s sex lives the way Artie (Kevin McHale) did.

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11.11.2011 / 01:37 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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