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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Sheree Whifield Calls NeNe Leakes the “Ultimate Hater,” Claims She Has Proof NeNe Lied on Camera

In what has now become the most confusing housewife feud that will seemingly never end, Sheree Whitfield is finally telling her side of the story in her blog for BravoTV.

Stay with us as we try and simplify what Sheree has written. Like we said, it’s confusing!

According to Sheree, a good friend named Charlie Mack contacted her about doing a charity event in Philadelphia, and asked if she would be able to work with any of the other housewives. Sheree agreed, stated that if she was getting paid, she could “work with anyone!”

Sheree then reached out to the person who books all of NeNe’s events and sent NeNe’s appearance fee and other information back to Charlie, at which point it was agreed that both ladies would appear at the event for their usual rates.

Once NeNe found out Tyrone was involved with the event, everything went awry. Sheree got a call from Charlie saying that NeNe was “tripping,” and he informed Sheree that NeNe had spoken with Tyrone several times because she was unhappy with the amount of money Sheree was getting. NeNe then tried to get Tyrone to reduce Sheree’s fee and add whatever money was “taken” from Sheree to her own fee.

Sheree states that NeNe was actually on speakerphone (there it is again!) during her conversations with Tyrone (although she didn’t know it at the time) and Charlie was in the room so he heard all of the petty drama go down firsthand!

Can you say, busted?

Sheree claims she didn’t want the restaurant confrontation to get out of hand, but NeNe gave her no choice. “I just wanted to tell her that her actions were uncalled for, and that there’s enough money to go around for all of us. She told me what her rate was, and that’s what she was going to get. So why would she try to cut me off? To me, that’s the ultimate hater!

As for the future of their friendship, Sheree revealed, “If someone can smile in your face while stealing behind your back, that’s a conniving, evil person that I do not care to have around me. I personally like to surround myself with positive people that I can trust and that are loyal and want to see the next person excel. NeNe is not that someone.”

Looks like these two won’t be playing nice anytime soon!

Source: BravoTV

11.11.2011 / 01:03 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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