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The Secret Circle

Cassie Has a Sibling In The Circle! 5 Biggest OMG Moments From The Secret Circle, Season 1, Episode 9: “Balcoin!”

The mid-season finale of The Secret Circle was a complete game-changer. Not only did Cassie (Britt Robertson) find out about her family tree, she discovered more about her super-powers (no, she can’t fly.... yet) and slow danced with the town stud! Change into your finest leather jacket, because we’ve rounded up the top five OMG moments to tide you over until The Secret Circle makes its triumphant return next year!

5. Adam Plays Hero!
Oh, Adam (Thomas Dekker). Give this bright-eyed babe a knife and suddenly he thinks he’s Spider Man (of the Tobey McGuire variety, of course). We were clutching our pearls in amazement as Adam scampered around the docks on his mission to save Cassie. His plan? To kill anyone who got in the way by slicing them with his eye-lashes.

Of course, as Adam was skipping around feverishly, Jake (Chris Zylka) was behind-the-scenes blowing out light bulbs with his bare hands.

4. Grandma Jane loses her mind!
Stop what you’re doing: We have a senile old lady on our hands who needs help. Jane (Ashley Crow) spent most of this Episode looking crazy, making no sense, and shaking while staring blankly at tables. Hand her a couple of strippers and some booze, and it’ll be like Charlie Sheen’s #winning streak all over again.

It seems like Charles (Gale Harold) and Dawn (Natasha Henstridge) didn’t exactly know what they were up against when they performed a memory spell on Jane, because she’s a woman on the brink of a complete nervous breakdown. S.O.S., Cassie!

3. Jake Saves Cassie!
Jake’s studly soul has been battling good versus evil since the day he slipped into a plunging v-neck and wandered into Cassie’s life. In fact, he’s so wrought with emotion that he attacked his duffel bag in a fit of hunky passion. After weeks of cutting himself with witch hunter knives, standing on rocks staring at nothing, and making eyes at Cassie, Jake decided to sacrifice his relationship with Isaac and save his damsel in distress.

The real question: Will Jake’s upcoming trip to “the council” cloud his judgment? We’d hate to have him boat back to Chance Harbor only to announce that it’s time for “letting blood.”

2. Cassie’s The Most Evil Person EVER!
Everytime we look at Cassie we get a serious case of bohophobia. She’s just so adorable and twee in those floral prints and chunky jewelry! But don’t be fooled: Behind her doe eyes lies a witch far more powerful than we could ever imagine. Turns out Cassie’s pops, John Blackwell, is part of the Balcoin family – who are “at the origin” of black magic. Which means Cassie is bad to the ivory bone!

So far, Cassie’s only used her powers for good (and for finding dead old men), but we have a feeling she’ll bust out her evil villain any day now. Hopefully this phase will correspond with some black lipstick, piercings and unwashed hair.

1. Cassie Has A Sibling!
Hold onto your pointy hats, ya’ll, because Cassie has a sibling up in The Secret Circle. Apparently, her pops had a piece on the side while he was married to Amelia, which means Cassie is related to either Diana (Shelley Hennig) Adam, Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) or Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy). Or even Jake – after all, his family’s book of shadows was the one with all the creepy Balcoin drawings! Of course, this would make their copious spit-swaps slightly on the incestual side. But only slightly!

Who do you think Cassie’s related to? Vote here!

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11.12.2011 / 12:38 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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