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Pretty Little Liars

Exclusive: Lucy Hale Teases Most ”Epic” Ezria Kiss Ever

Aria (Lucy Hale)'s relationships with Ezra (Ian Harding) is one of the cornerstones of Pretty Little Liars, so we were thrilled to have a chance to talk to Lucy Hale about what's coming up for the couple at the Cosmopolitan Magazine and Maybelline's "Kisses for the Troops" Veterans Day event in New York City.

The event was about smacking lipstick kisses on cards to raise money for the troops, so in keeping with the theme, we asked Lucy about her favorite on-screen kiss that she has filmed. Honestly, we expected her to say it was the stunning parking lot kiss that every Ezria fan adores, but she surprised us with a tantalizing spoiler:

"It hasn't aired yet, but [my favorite kiss] is a scene with Ezra that will air in the second half of [Season 2]," Lucy dished. "It's pretty epic. It involves rain, it's at night time, and it's very romantic."

Ooh la la. Rain, darkness, and romance? It sounds like the perfect romantic-movie moment. But can it really top the parking embrace? "Personally, I think so," Lucy insisted. "But that one raised the bar, so we'll see."

What else will Aria be up to? Lucy confirmed that the ugly orange jumpsuits the girls are wearing in the preview are for "community service," which is apparently their punishment for being "caught with the weapon that killed Alison [Sasha Pieterse]."

As for the season? "It's going to be amazing." As if we had any doubt!

Don't miss our first part of the interview for another important Ezria spoiler. For more information about the "Kisses for the Troops" event, including how you can help without being a New Yorker, click here.