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The Secret Circle

The Secret Circle Spoilers! Executive Producer Answers Burning Questions From the Fall Finale

So, now we know. Cassie isn’t the only Blackwell child running around Chance Harbor. But who is her sibling? Could it be that Cassie and Adam have another kind of relationship written in the stars that’s not romantic? Or is it Faye, whose mother apparently was “obsessed” with John Blackwell?

At a recent screening for the mid-season finale, executive producer Andrew Miller dished about the spring season and answered our burning questions — of course without revealing which other character is a simmering pot of black magic under the surface.

Read on, and start guessing!

Wetpaint Entertainment: Will the Circle find out about the other Blackwell child?
Andrew Miller: I think the emergence of the second Blackwell offspring will be revealed in due course.

Will Jake (Chris Zylka) be back?
We like Chris Zylka a lot. He’s a fun character and he’s brought a lot out of Cassie. We hope to use him in more episodes down the road and we’re figuring that out.

Is John Blackwell dead?
They say he’s dead all the time. Why wouldn’t he be dead? Yeah, he’s a complicated figure, but we’ll get more into his background and exactly what happened to him as we continue.

Will we see Faye unleash her individual power?
I think Faye has wanted her individual magic from the get-go, so the idea that Cassie is the one who has this opportunity is infuriating — that of all the people who should get their own magic, why is it the little blonde girl? So it will drive her more to seek out alternative ways to separate herself from the group and find power of her own that will probably have terrible consequences on other people.

What will we see with Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy)?
She’s becoming empowered in a similar way to Cassie, just without the dark magic. The Nick experience, and having someone who loved her for who she is, will take her away from Faye a little bit, because Faye has never treated her with the kind of respect that Nick came to treat her. And it’s going to drastically affect her relationship with Faye and it may turn her [towards] other people in the circle.

Will Holden (Arlen Escarpeta), Melissa’s cousin, be back?
We’ll not do too much with Holden, but he was a nice distraction for Diana, which will play into her storyline as we continue forward.

Will the tension between Adam and Cassie be explored?
We’ll see it right away. I hate that right away is in January. It won’t be on the backburner for long. Cassie is becoming a slightly different person with this dark magic thing and with Jake away it’s going to open up possibilities. Diana, at this point, will be clear on not pursuing anything with Adam. I think when Adam lets that sink in, he’ll have no choice but to say, “If nothing’s going to happen with the tall pretty girl, maybe I should look at the short blonde girl.”

So can we rule out the fact that Adam and Cassie might be siblings?
I wish I could [kill speculation], but only Isaac knows and he won’t even tell Jake. It’s not a trick that there is more Blackwell blood than we now know, but I definitely can’t say where that blood is flowing.

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