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Exclusive: Death Valley’s Bryce Johnson Promises a JWOWW Cameo — If They Get Renewed

Bryce Johnson is living in suspense. Not only does he play Detective Darren Wilden on Pretty Little Liars, whose only mission seems to be to nail the girls for a crime of some sort, but right now he’s also waiting to hear if Death Valley – the MTV cult series that counts JWOWW as one of its biggest fans – will be renewed for a second season.

We caught up with the actor who plays Officer Billy Pierce on the MTV show, to see what the last two episodes of the supernatural mockumentary will bring, and received his guarantee for a Jersey Shore cross-over, should there be more in store for the Undead Task Force next year.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What was been most fun about shooting Death Valley?
Bryce Johnson: I always used to say, ‘I would like show up on set and crack jokes and shoot zombies.’ It’s the most fun job I’ve ever had. It was just a great opportunity for me to display some of my comedic skills and I haven’t had too many opportunities to do that so far. Hopefully, that will open up a lot of doors for me.

It’s funny because I’m used to seeing you and Tania Raymonde (Lost) in such intense, serious roles, and this is absolutely nuts.
I know! I mean, what an opportunity to have some fun. And she’s fantastic in the show. Everybody plays their part so wonderfully, and I think we all kind of add a certain element to our characters. It was great playing off of all of those guys.

What are the last two episodes about?
Well, we meet the head vampire, the guy who’s running the whole thing. We just found out that vampires have the ability to control zombies and we just killed Rico, who turned out to be the head vampire’s son. So we’re going to go meet with the head vampire and see if we can’t strike a deal. Then as far as the season finale, we introduce a whole new monster mythology. We actually introduce a whole new monster character, which I was like frickin’ thrilled about, especially being on set and just seeing what our makeup guys did. It was incredible, and I know fans will blow their mind. What a cool way to end the show – which makes it all the more disappointing if we don’t get to explore that whole storyline [next season].

Is it a cliffhanger?
It’s definitely a cliffhanger, absolutely.

Is there anything we can say about this new breed of monster? Is it a hybrid?
Yes. And I don’t want to give too much away, because it’s really something you have to see to believe. I think it’s so cool. In a sense, yeah, it’s like a hybrid of something. And I won’t tell you what, but it’s going to be even more hard to kill I would imagine.

Did you know that JWOWW is a huge fan of Death Valley?
Yeah! This is the first year I’ve been doing the Twitter thing, and I’ve been loving it. It’s been great because I’ve been able to see that JWOWW has been loving the show. We’ve been trying to get on board with her supporters and her Twitter fans and she’s been just great about it. We sent her some hats. We’re like, ‘Hey, if you’re a fan, then we’re a fan of yours.’ We just think that it’s awesome that she loves the show, and it lets us know that there’s a whole wider fanbase out there that would probably love it too if we could just get to them.

So if there was a season two, I assume JWOWW could come in as a zombie, vampire or werewolf?
Oh, my God. You can quote me on that, and I will make sure that happens. If we get a season two, we will bring JWOWW in to do something fun on our show. That’s a guarantee.

A holy Hollywood promise.
I’ve seen her say it through her Tweets that she would love to come on the show and do something. So I think she would make like a kick-ass vampire or like a something. Who knows? She would be great!

Check back soon for scoop on Bryce’s return to Pretty Little Liars this spring!

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11.14.2011 / 09:17 PM EDT by Carita Rizzo
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