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The Bachelorette

Kasey Kahl and Vienna Girardi Confirm Breakup

This relationship has officially kicked rocks. After a week of breakup rumors and “no, we’re just doing the long distance thing” counterpoints, Bachelor Pad Season 2 couple Kasey Kahl and Vienna Girardi have confirmed they are no longer dating — and haven’t been dating for a long time.

As they both tweeted Sunday night (Kasey from California, and Vienna from Florida):

KaseyRKahl: "Yes vienna and I have split. It's been 5 weeks now. I can't fake it anymore. I will always love, be there for her, and wish her the best."

ViennaGirardi: "@KaseyRKahl will always be my best friend, but yes we have split. No idea what the future holds for us but we will always remain friends."

Five weeks? What about that trip to Cozumel? What about the rumors that Kasey was looking for Jake Pavelka’s advice on how to deal with a post-Vienna split? Was any of that true?

Though disappointed, we can’t say we’re too surprised about the split. Anyone who watched BP2 already knew all was not well with The Most In Love Couple In The House. But who is Kasey going to sing to now? Perhaps … Kirsten Dunst? She seems to be a fan.

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