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Bones Spoilers for Season 7, Episode 4: “The Male in the Mail”

Now that Bones HQ has released the official plot points for Season 7’s fourth episode, we can really dig into the meat of Booth (David Boreanaz)’s and Brennan (Emily Deschanel)’s next adventure.

We’ve known for a while that Ben Savage will guest-star in this one, and guess what: he’s actually going to be a murder suspect! Who would have thought that mild-mannered, hijinks-enacting Cory Matthews would find himself in a murder investigation? What, oh what would Topanga think?! Boy Meets World references!

But before you think that Ben Savage is the actual star of “The Male in the Mail,” we can assure you that there will be a big reason to focus on Booth. Namely, Booth’s grandfather Hank (Ralph Waite) is returning to inform Booth of some “unexpected news.” We’ve known for some time to expect a Booth “family crisis” of some kind in episode 4, and executive producer Hart Hanson has stated that “we have a really, really strong ‘Booth’s dad’ story” coming up. Better stock up on tissue boxes, folks!

Say, when’s the last time Grampa Booth graced his grandson’s presence on Bones? According to IMDB, it’s been almost exactly two years — “The Foot in the Foreclosure” aired on 19 November 2009. Welcome back, Hank!

11.15.2011 / 03:26 AM EDT by Drew Belsky
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