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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Is Kim Richards’ New Boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld Still Active on Online Dating Site?

We were all pretty shocked to learn Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Kim Richards had been keeping a big romance secret from us. Two weeks ago, Kim finally revealed she had been seeing Ken Blumenfeld exclusively for 12 months without even letting her own family know.

During Season 2, Episode 9, “Otherwise Engaged,” Kim introduced Ken to her sister Kyle Richards, who went all misty-eyed over the thought of her sis moving in with him and farther away from family.

Despite Kyle’s reaction, we really wanted to like Ken. After all, we’ve seen Kim’s dating track record, and she deserves a keeper.

However, a new report from RadarOnline makes us a little skeptical of Kim’s new beau. Ken Blumenfeld is allegedly an active member of, and logged in to the online dating site just three weeks ago, right before he made his debut on RHoBH.

As if the fact that he’s on a dating website isn’t enough to make us question him, Ken’s profile contents are suspicious, too. He’s listed as “currently separated” and seeking women age 26 to 49. Guess that explains why he was sporting a wedding ring when we met him!

We can’t help but wonder if this new rumor has any link to that dishy but vague remark Kyle made in her Bravo blog last week, saying she’d heard things about Kim’s new boyfriend that put her off...

Source: RadarOnline