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Most Eligible Dallas

Most Eligible New York Cast: How Do They Compare to MED?

While Most Eligible Dallas’ future still stands in limbo, Bravo is taking the idea and running with it. The cast for Most Eligible New York has been announced, and it’s going to be a riot watching these nuts and bolts feel each other out on television.

Despite the vast differences between a city like New York and Dallas, we sought comparisons to our favorite bachelors and bachelorettes from the Big D, and the newest reality stars set to break into our living rooms sooner than we think.

Andretti Andretti is most like Drew Ginsburg
The twice-named New York hair stylist is ambiguously sexually oriented, has a major thing for flamboyant costume hats, and counts Countess De Lesseps among his ritzy clientele. Considering Drew falls pretty much in the middle of the Kinsey scale (being into cars, being from Dallas), we’re calling Andretti as the Drew equivalent.

Robert Sepulveda, Jr. is most like Glenn Pakulak
They’re both pretty boys (Robert is a male model), and they both like dressing like Mad Men characters. Girls love them, guys wish they had their lives.

Oliver Estreich is most like Matt Nordgren
Matt pretty much exemplified everything Dallas is about, at least in the charity ball-hopping section of the city. Socialite Oliver, being a proud founder of New York’s Native Society, takes being born in New York very seriously.

Nicole Stillings is most like Courtney Kerr
They’re both incredibly social, though Nicole works for a social media company that has been known to bring elephants to the streets of New York for events. Considering her constant Twitter habit, we have a feeling Court would work for a social media company if she wasn’t slingin’ shades at a Sunglass Hut in the Big D.

Meredith Joy Ostrom is most like Tara Harper
Both incredibly self-possessed, having been through a series of complicated romantic relationships, these two have risen in their professions and, despite not being currently attached to anyone, are stars in their respective businesses.

Alexa Winner is most like Neill Skylar
These girls are hot, and they know it. Alexa lives to socialize, dresses in risky outfits, has an edge to her, much like Neill’s bandgirl background.

Wild Card: Dyan O’Connor
Dyan is an expatriate who works as an interior designer, loves having her photograph in the socialite rags, and sounds like Lisa Vanderpump. She sort of combines every random element of Housewives from Miami to Washington D.C., and we have no idea what to expect.

Will you be watching?

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