Recap of Nikita Season 2, Episode 8: “London Calling”
Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW ©2011 The CW Network    
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Recap of Nikita Season 2, Episode 8: “London Calling”

It was another busy week over in Nikita-land. Alex made a play to free herself from Amanda, Sean hatched an evil plan, and Nikita and Michael faced a new roadblock in their relationship.

Birkhoff, Nikita, and Michael reunite and check out their new rogue headquarters. They’ll be living the high life in a New York City office that used to belong to a failed tech start-up. It’s not quite the beachfront property everyone had in mind, but Michael likes the security. He explains to Birkhoff that he’s taking a solo trip to London to visit his son, Max. Birkhoff reacts in surprise and makes it clear he won’t be baby-sitting anytime soon.

Sean bursts into Alex’s room at Division to take her to a meeting with “the boss.” She follows him into the office, only to find Percy seated at the desk. She’s mad that Sean let him out, but he tells her she was the one who did it. She tries to go home, but suddenly there are glass walls to prevent her from leaving. She realizes she’s stuck in Percy’s cell, while he stands on the outside taunting her about how she can’t even avenge her parents. She wakes up from the nightmare out of breath.

Michael has made it to London and is lurking outside Cassandra’s waiting for a male visitor to leave. Once the guy goes, Michael rings the bell. Cassandra doesn’t look too happy but gives him five minutes to visit with Max. Michael joins his little boy on the couch to watch cartoons, and they bond over sharing a cookie. Cute! Max asks his mom if Michael can go on a walk with them, and she caves.

Back in New York, Nikita and Birkhoff dig up intel on Senator Madeleine Pierce, who is the Head of the Subcommittee of State and Foreign Operations. Nikita starts to hatch a plan involving one of her staffers, but Birkhoff interrupts to talk about Cassandra. He’s hacked the London street cameras and wants to see if she’s curious to observe the happy family walking around London. Poor Nikita can’t help but look. Good thing, too: Nikita notices that a guy is shadowing them and calls Michael. He sends Cassandra and Max on, and then he disarms the gunman behind them. Of course, a second guy appears on the scene, but Michael fights him off too. He finds Cassandra clutching Max nearby, and she reveals that those men were after her. As Michael hugs them both, Nikita tells Birkhoff to get her to London ASAP. Michael goes home with Cassandra to secure her house for the night, and she explains General Tupelov, a man from her ex-husband’s cabinet, is after her because he lost everything when Ovechkin died. She gets a little flirty with Michael, but he sends her up to bed. Phew.

Alex goes to see Percy because he has a demand for her and is holding it over her head that she warned Nikita about her fake father. He offers her $100,000 to move funds for him that he wants to keep away from Amanda. With that money, Alex could buy enough reinforcements and weapons that she wouldn’t need Division to kill Semak. As extra incentive, Percy informs her that Semak is living in her old house. “How much longer are you going to let him get away with that?”

The male visitor Michael saw at Cassandra’s before turns out to be her friend Nigel, who walks Max to school. Michael thinks it might be dangerous, but she assures him it’s okay. Once they’ve left, he meets up with Nikita. She updates him on Tupelov, who is definitely the one behind the attack. They head straight over to see him and warn him to leave Cassandra alone. When he refuses, Michael and Nikita fight all of his guards barehanded. Michael attacks Tupelov too, but Nikita pulls him off and says that he got the message.

Meanwhile, Sean warns his mom about Nikita, but she thinks her position as a Senator keeps her safe. He doesn’t want to take any chances, so he announces his plan: to use Alex as bait. He thinks he can seduce her into cooperating. His mom says it’s risky but doesn’t dissuade him. Interesting…

Back at Division, Sean warns Alex about helping Percy, but she says she needs the money to get Semak. They have a genuine bonding moment over family loyalty, which is interrupted when two guards come in. Alex quickly hides, and Sean covers for her with the guards. Once they’re gone, he lets her go ahead with the transfer. Bow-chicka-wow-wow.

While Cassandra, Michael, and Nikita debrief, she’s shocked to learn that they’re rogue agents. They inform her that she can’t tell MI6 about them because they’d be turned over to the US government and charged with treason. Nikita goes to deal with the Tupelov situation, leaving Michael and Cassandra to have a heart-to-heart. Their moment is ruined when Nigel, Cassandra’s MI6 handler, returns. It would be a relief, except he’s accompanied by an entourage of MI6 agents instead of Max. Nikita manages to sneak out an open window as they search the house, but Michael ends up tied to a chair for questioning.

Cassandra rushes outside to find Nikita. She gives her the alarm code and lets her know that she left a window unlatched. She promises to get some of the agents out of there so that Nikita can get Michael. Next, she goes back in to tell Nigel she received a tip that Tupelov is leaving the country in an hour and she’s going to end the threat on her family with or without his approval. He decides to go with her, which gives Nikita the chance to retrieve Michael. Suddenly, they realize that Nigel’s behavior has been strange, and it hits them that he must have been the one to take the $200 million after Ovechkin died.

They’re right. After Nigel kills Tupelov and his guard, he pulls his gun on Cassandra. She takes a bullet to the arm but manages to dive for cover. At the same time, Michael and Nikita arrive, trailed by a vehicle full of armed men. Michael sends Nikita inside and says he’ll hold them off. She gets to Nigel and knocks his gun out of his hands before he can finish off Cassandra. The two battle it out, but he manages to get his gun back. Fortunately, Cassandra slides hers to Nikita, who shoots him. Michael comes in and hugs Nikita, but then goes to Cassandra when he sees that she’s injured. Nikita watches them sadly. Sniff.

As Alex waits for the transfer to go through, she demands to know why Sean is helping her. He says that she took a bullet for him, but she counters that he paid her back by taking out the shooter. It doesn’t make sense to her why he’d even be down there, so she suspects that he has an angle. Sean decides to play his Casanova card and says that if she thinks everyone expects something in return, then what he wants is a kiss. Still suspicious, Alex pays him back with a kiss on the hand. He never specified where, right? As her computer screen shows us the transfer was successful, we cut to another computer. A man sits at it with the regimen lined up on a table next to him. Uh oh... He logs into a secure account and reads a message from Percy addressed to the guardian: “Secondary protocol activated.” That’s why you can never do anything for Percy.

Nikita and Michael say goodbye to Cassandra, and Max hugs Michael and says he’ll miss him. Guess that one walk was really a bonding experience. As they leave, Nikita stops and tells Michael that if he doesn’t try to get his family back, he’ll always wonder, “What if?” She says he needs to figure it out without her. She continues, leaving him alone in the road.

Recap of Nikita Season 2, Episode 8: “London Calling”
Credit: Suen Feenzel/The CW ©2011 The CW Network    

Nikita and Michael return to Cassandra’s, only to discover that Tupelov is tougher than they thought. He calls and lets them know that he has Cassandra. He claims she has his $200 million and she told him that she gave it to Michael for safekeeping. Unless he gets it back by 9 PM, she’s dead. Nikita and Michael immediately check on Max’s whereabouts and find out he’s safe. Then, they ask Birkhoff to locate Cassandra. He discovers that she was abducted from the bathroom of a café and taken away in a jeep. He manages to find the location, but Michael and Nikita disagree over whether to search for Cassandra or the money. Michael thinks that Cassandra just confessed so that Tupelov would call Michael, but Nikita thinks she did steal the money and they need to find it and return it.

Using Percy’s instructions, Alex sneaks into Division’s storage room for electronic devices confiscated from enemies so that she can make the transfer from a computer outside Division’s system. As she starts the transaction, Sean catches up with her. Is Operation Seduce Alex in motion?

Michael and Nikita arrive at Cassandra’s hostage location and find it crawling with armed guards. Nikita starts a gunfight, while Michael goes inside to get Cassandra. Too late. Her captors got her out, injected her with something, and are on the verge of pushing her over a cliff in a car to make her death look like an accident. From the window, Michael sees what’s happening and tells Nikita to save her. However, Nikita sees a man poised to shoot Michael as he narrowly escapes from the burning building. She chooses to save him instead, so Cassandra’s car goes over the edge, much to Michael’s dismay. He begins shooting at the two men who did it when Cassandra suddenly climbs back up and kills them both. Whoa! Looks like Nikita’s not the only femme fatale on our hands: Cassandra explains that she’s MI6, part of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service. The three hatch a plan to get Tupelov before he realizes the money is still missing.

11.15.2011 / 05:51 AM EDT by Stephanie Long
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