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Revenge Spoilers: When Will Jack Find Out That Emily Is Amanda?

Out of Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) many boys on Revenge, Jack (Nick Wechsler) is definitely in the running for Number 1. Let’s get real: How can we resist a man that can build a porch swing with his bare hands?

Of course, making crafty presents for a pretty lady isn’t the only thing Jack can do... he also knows how to wield a gun. Will we ever find out if he shot Daniel (Joshua Bowman)?

“I think the hope of the show is — the pilot starts us off with this dramatic, shocking scene,” Nick Wechsler says. “And then spend the rest of the series catching us up, showing how this is how they ended up in that situation. This is how that ended. So I do think that by the end of it we will. I think that’s the idea at the end of each season. Like if we get picked up I think they want to start the second season with another dramatic scene where we’re like ‘what the f*ck?’”

Our thoughts exactly. Speaking of WTF moments, let’s take a minute to chat about Sammy The Labrador, aka Ghost Dog.

“He’s clearly way too f*ckin’ old,” Nick admits. “But also, would a nearly dead dog be walking three miles to the Hamptons from Montauk? Because it runs away twice and she brings it back to me, and the Hamptons is like 40 miles away from Montauk.”

Let’s not forget that Sammy holds an important place in Jack and Emily’s relationship – he’s the whole reason they fell in love back when they were little kids! You’d think Jack would notice that his dog is obsessed with her and put two and two together, but apparently that revelation isn’t happening for a few months.

“He doesn’t know yet.….I know some of where it’s going. I don’t know all the details before we get there but I know sort of longer-term plans where he might find out by the end of the season.”

Forget about the season finale – we want to know what’s in store if Revenge gets picked up for a second run! Will we see more of Jack?

“It’s not like you’ll see less of me but where they let him go — basically we’re not going to lose my character. What they told me early on, I’m like ‘Oh sh*t’ that means I’ll be kind of in my own little world.’ I don’t know, I don’t know, I can’t go on beyond that!

Oh, snap! Any guesses as to what happens to lover-boy next season?

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