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The Biggest WTF Moments From Revenge Season 1, Episode 7: “Charade”

We’re pretty convinced Revenge’s version of the Hamptons exists in some parallel universe where dogs remain frisky long after they should’ve died, brothers raised in the same house can have completely different accents, and party planners don’t get fired even though every soiree they throw ends in disaster. But all those crazy, mind-boggling moments are why we love Revenge so dearly, so we’ll forgive them their little quirks. We’ll still point them out, though. Here are the biggest WTF moments from Revenge Season 1, Episode 7, “Charade.”

Emily gives Jack a compass (to her heart)
While she’s a master at setting people up and taking them down, Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) needs to work on her poker face. She’s always initially shocked that, for example, her therapist has leaked a personal video about her intimacy issues, but she always allows time for a secret smile amid the chaos. Then, in Season 3, Episode 7, “Charade,” Em hands Jack (Nick Wechsler) a token of her appreciation — an old tyme mariner’s compass — because he fixed her bench/didn’t run away crying when she rejected him. She might as well have just tattooed “I <3 Jack” on her wrist. Next time, buy him a tie or Tuesdays With Morrie or something else that doesn’t convey romance at all.

The Times’ turnaround
Reporter Melissa had barely finished asking her last question when the next scene showed everyone oohing and ahhing over her article about the Hampton’s happiest couple. There was barely time to proofread let alone fact check that bad boy. Basically, Melissa finished up her interviews, wrote the article, turned it into her editor, and got it printed in less than a day. No wonder she’s the Hamptons’ top reporter.

The warden loses Frank
Somewhere between the Emily Thorne memorial library and the top-secret records office, Frank gave the juvenile detention center warden the slip. This is only a few hours after the warden warned Emily not to underestimate her enemies, so she really should’ve been more careful. Maybe it’s an easier place to break in to than it is to break out of?

Under the floor boards
Much like Dexter Morgan’s box of murder victim slides, Emily’s infinity box gives us palpitations whenever she pulls it out. It’s basically a road map to all the shady stuff she’s pulled — and plans to pull — on the Hamptons elite. Thank goodness she finally found a semi-decent hiding place for that thing, but she really needs to get a safety deposit box for all her plotting materials. We fear she’ll be discovered every time she obsessively stares at that picture with an increasing number of faces X-ed out in red marker.

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11.15.2011 / 05:36 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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