Adam Brody Teases Good Vibes, Wants Crazy Hart of Dixie Guest Role – Exclusive
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Adam Brody Teases Good Vibes, Wants Crazy Hart of Dixie Guest Role – Exclusive

To anyone watching television in the mid-2000s, Adam Brody will always be Seth Cohen from The O.C. Which is why it’s particularly funny to hear him voice a surfer dude reminiscent of Fast Times at Ridgemont High’s Jeff Spicoli on MTV’s animated series Good Vibes.

In an exclusive interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, Adam talked to us about how he created the voice for his scrawny character with the awesome blonde afro, what kind of adventures future episodes will bring, and — yes, because we couldn’t resist asking — the O.C. crossover he’d most like to see.

Wetpaint Entertainment: When you auditioned for the show had you seen scripts? Did you know how funny the show was?

Adam Brody: I can't remember. It was literally years ago. I think there was a sketch of a character. The pilot on an animated series is basically 10 minutes, and I can't even recall if I had gotten to read that whole 10 minutes.

When you saw the picture of Woodie, what did you think?

Well, he's very beautiful. [Laughs] That's what gave me a few voice ideas to try out. It definitely didn't seem to work just using my regular voice. I don't think it is what he looks like so much, but the stuff he says is so Spicoli'd out occasionally that you kind of want more exaggeration with it. So yeah, I guess I thought Spicoli a little bit.

Did it come naturally?

It's funny because during the pilot I had to strain so much initially to do [the voice] because I was physically doing something that really was tiring. I quickly realized once we started to record the series, I could do it easy. I figured out how to do it without exerting myself.

You always hear how animation is kind of a solitary process. Apart from table reads, did you guys record together?

No. We only did two or three actually, but it was only Josh and I together. But it hasn't felt too solitary. When you go in to record it, it's kind of nice, because you go in this booth, you put on some headphones, and there's about eight people in the control room right outside, just like talking to you through the headset. It feels very comfortable if you want to exaggerate or kind of get stupid with it, it feels like a safe place.

This is your first time doing animation. What's the biggest change?

Here's the biggest change. You almost need to overact more. In fact, the main critique I have for myself when I watch it is, if we did another season, I think I would do it even a little bigger and make some more exaggerated sounds. You're not really acting off anybody, which is a big change too. Maybe I'm not a good actor, and I'm probably not listening as much as I should be, because it doesn't seem to be a problem for me. I'm fine doing it by myself.

Let's talk upcoming episodes. What can we expect from the rest of the season?

Well, there's a sleepover at Jeena and Wadska's house next week. There’s a Some Like It Hot [episode], but far raunchier. We go undercover as women to work on the Mammogram truck, examining breasts. We make it to a nude rave. There's an episode where we try to find this nude beach, and I think it turns into this all‑night party. There's a big surf contest episode. And Mondo and Woodie's friendship is tested but remains intact, and they both over the course of the season inch closer to their goals of ultimately losing their virginity and being in love. Although the former, I don't think either will totally accomplish that season.

I mean what's Season 2 if they already lose their virginity?

Yeah. No one's losing their virginity yet.

I read that your mom is a fan of the show. What do you think she likes about it?

I think she likes that I'm on it, but I just think she finds it funny. She's also a Southern California transplant from the East Coast, so she has this affinity for the beach and surf culture having watched her children grow up in that environment. I know she's been watching Beavis and Butthead too, and we all used to watch that. She had to watch some of that with me, when I was in junior high. I think it gives her flashbacks to that as well.

Have you ever done an interview where someone doesn't bring up The O.C. at some point?

Have I ever? Probably not.

You guys have ended up on such vastly different shows with Ben McKenzie on Southland, Rachel Bilson on Hart of Dixie, Melinda Clarke on Nikita, Peter Gallagher on Covert Affairs, and you on this. Do you follow each other's careers?

Yeah, I totally do. Of course, I totally do. And it's nice to see that most if not all are doing well.

Who do you think is most likely to visit Good Vibes from your former O.C. folk?

Oh, that's interesting. Peter Gallagher. He's got a great voice, he could be a lot of things, a lawyer, a lounge singer. Yeah, Gallagher could do a lot of stuff.

Can you see yourself guesting on anyone's show? You could be a junkie on Southland, or an agent on Covert Affairs.

That's funny. Which show would I guest on? I don't know which one would be the best fit. All right. Why don't I be a junkie agent on Hart of Dixie?

Check out a clip of Adam in Good Vibes below!

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