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Bones Character Recap: Who is Booth’s Grandfather, Hank?

The last time we saw Booth’s (David Boreanaz) grandfather, Hank, was almost 2 seasons ago — back in Bones Season 5, Episode 8: “The Foot in the Foreclosure.” Need a bit of a reminder of what’s gone down so far with Booth and his beloved “Pops”? Read on to find out!

Name: Hank Booth
Relation: Grandfather of Seeley Booth
Nickname: Pops
Actor: Ralph Waite
Returning for: Bones Season 7, Episode 4 "The Male in the Mail" (See the sneak peek photos here!)

Credit: Greg Gayne/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

The story: We first met Booth’s grandpa back in 2009, when the spunky senior temporarily moved in with his grandson after some disputes with his retirement home staff. And when Booth and Brennan get a new murder to investigate? Pops insists that he get to come along!

He saw the spark! Booth and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) may not have been willing to admit their feelings for each other at that point — but Hank could definitely tell that something was there. He encouraged both his grandson and Dr. B to ‘fess up about their feelings. Nothing came of it then, but giving current events, we’d say Pops turned out to be a bit of a sage!

Personality: Hank is spirited, adventurous, stubborn at times, and not afraid to speak his mind. Basically, he’s like an older version of Booth!

Credit: Greg Gayne/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

He’s like a father to Booth. After Booth’s abusive father abandoned him at age 11, Pops stepped in to help raise the young sprout himself. No wonder they’re so alike!

So what’s he up to now? Unfortunately, Hank comes to Bones Season 7 bearing some “unexpected news.” Yikes. We don’t like the sound of that. Please be okay, Pops! We couldn’t stand the thought of Booth losing you.

Where you’ve seen him before:
Look familiar? Fans may recognize actor Ralph Waite from his role as Special Agent Gibbs’ (Mark Harmon) father, Jackson, on NCIS.
Good night, John-Boy! Ralph also starred as family patriarch John Walton, Sr., in the classic ‘70s series, The Waltons.

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