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The Kardashians

Source: Kim Kardashian Cut Off “Majority” of Close Friends After Divorce

Kim Kardashian’s on the outs with everyone these days! After breaking off her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries, pissing off her family, his family and most of her fans in the process, the celebutante has also reportedly called it quits with longtime BFF Brittny Gastineau.

Kim and Britt’s friendship took a turn for the worst just days after Kim and the former New Jersey Nets forward walked down the aisle. Apparently, upon hearing the shocking news of her quick engagement, Brittny told Kim that she was “very concerned about Kim’s decision to jump into this marriage,” one source tells Radar Online.

Although “it didn’t seem to bother Kim at the time,” Kim stopped returning her bestie’s calls shortly after officially becoming the NBA hoopster’s wife. (And we all know it wasn’t because the unhappy couple was enjoying some post-wedding romps!)

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So, what gives? “Maybe Kim felt like a fool, and perhaps she should have listened to Brittny,” the source continues. Still, the source explains “Brittny isn’t the ‘I told you so’ type” and is “very hurt that Kim has frozen her out of her life.”

Brittny isn’t the only one getting the Kardashian ‘kold’ shoulder. Another source said Momager Kris and Kim "cut off the majority of their close friends since [Kim] filed for divorce."

That doesn’t exactly soften the blow for lifelong pal Brittny, who has been there for Kim through thick and thicker for many years.

At Britt’s 28th birthday party in WeHo over the weekend, the socialite made it very clear she did not want to talk Kimmy K. “When everyone got to Brittny’s dinner she announced that she ‘wasn’t going to talk about Kim so don’t bother asking,” New York Daily News reports.

Sad! We’re pretty sure Kim could use a good friend right now. Strike that. We know she could.

Source: Radar Online, New York Daily News

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