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Gossip Girl

Top 10 Quotes From Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 7: “The Big Sleep No More”

Applause to the Gossip Girl writers: Snappy lines are the main reason we tune in each week, and Season 5, Episode 7: “The Big Sleep No More” did not disappoint. Keep the Bassness coming!

10. Of course not! We totally mean lunch! Well, actually ...
(Serena (Blake Lively) takes Ivy's (Kaylee DeFer) boyfriend, Max to Bergdorf Goodman)
Max (Brian J. Smith): That's where we're going? So when girls like you say “lunch” you really mean “clothes?”
Serena: There's a restaurant inside.

9. Just call it Chuck du Soleil.
Nate (Chace Crawford): Please tell me you're not just getting home from yesterday. Did you spend all night with "Zarkana" again?

8. Also she's probably seen a lot of it.
Blair (Leighton Meester): How much more do you need to see?
Dorota (Zuzanna Szadkowski): Of duck pond? Not really my thing to begin with.
Blair: Of Chuck!


7. Forget Spanglish! Let’s just call it Chucklish.
Blair: That fake apology of his has permeated my subconscious and haunts me even when I sleep.
Dorota: Apology not seem so fake to me.
Blair: That's because English is your second language.

6. No, seriously. What’s the URL? We have to check it out!
Serena: I'm going to stay home and work on my blog.
Blair: How hard can that be? If you write about how many strokes it takes to brush your hair, people will read it.

5. No matter. We’ve heard that duck-feeding is good for fetal development.
Blair: I'm not going to let anything distract me from my week of rest, relaxation, and nesting. Especially not Chuck Bass's faux-lanthropy. Or his attention-seeking love of animals. Grab the bread. Not even Chuck's media mind games can disrupt the calm I feel while feeding the ducks. Besides, you could use the exercise.
Dorota: I'm pregnant too, remember?


4. Yeah, Chuck! Oh, and Monkey, too, we guess ...
(Blair sees Chuck rescuing a duck)
Blair: What are you doing here? Our treaty of 2010 clearly states the duck pond is my domain.
(Monkey whines)
Blair: Don't try to fool me with your puppy dog eyes.

3. No, not "so to speak," actually.
Diana (Elizabeth Hurley): I'm going to Paris tonight. Maybe you should have some fun, without the pressure of me on top of you all the time. So to speak.

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2. Ways to make Chuck Bass dissolve in a puff of smoke.
Blair: I can't rest until I prove Chuck is still his satanic self. What do you think would be more effective: Having his shirts pressed with too much starch, or getting him served blended scotch at the Empire bar?

1. Blair needs bigger pillows.
(Dorota tracks Blair down at Sleep No More)
Dorota: You think leaving pillows under blankets trick me? You lumpier now.

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