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The Bachelorette

Will Blake and Holly Make It? JP and Ashley? Ann Csincsak Weighs in — Exclusive!

It’s one big happy Bachelor family! Ann Csincsak (Ann Lueders from The Bachelor Season 13) and Jesse Csincsak (The Bachelorette Season 4 winner) gathered their friends, family, and fellow Bachelor/ette alum in Breckenridge, Colorado this weekend for the Grand Opening of Ann and her business partner Katie Meyer’s new vintage clothing store, Vintage Sweet & Chic. Bachelor/ette alums Kirsten Pittman (Jake’s season), Mark Huebner (Jillian’s season), Richard Mathy (DeAnna’s season), and Jeff Medolla (The Mask, Ashley’s season) all came out for the successful opening. Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Ann at the after-party to get all the latest Bachelor gossip. Read on, rose lovers...

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Wetpaint Entertainment: Tell us about the store and your inspiration for it.
Ann Csinscak: Katie (Meyer) and myself love vintage clothing and we had always wanted to open our own store, so we first came up with the idea of opening just a vintage clothing store — and then we decided to meet more of the masses. We wanted to introduce vintage clothing into a new clothing store. Our motto for when people come in for the vintage clothing is we want to take the work out of vintage shopping, we want to pick really special pieces that people would automatically fall in love with.

Any opinions on Holly and Blake?
I know Holly. I think she’s a great, great girl. I think that as long as they stay out of Hollywood, they will do really well.

What about JP and Ashley?
Again, it’s the same thing. I think that the reason successful Bachelor couples do well is when they step away from Hollywood. They do things outside of Hollywood, keep their regular jobs, and stay away from all that stuff. I think they’ll do really well if they do that.

What makes an entertaining Bachelor?
For years I’ve been saying we need to have a really hot athlete Bachelor. That to me is interesting, somebody who has a really great career, that’s not just a previous Bachelor or that wasn’t just on the show we saw from last season. They need to go back to what they used to do, which is bring in a super-hot, really successful guy that is normal — that lives a normal life, that isn’t involved in The Bachelor, that can go back to his normal life afterwards. That to me would make a really interesting Bachelor.

Any advice for new Bachelor Ben F.? Do you think he’ll make a good Bachelor? Why?
Don’t let himself be over-produced, because from my short experience on the show, you can let yourself really over-produced or you can stick to your guns and do well. You stick to who you like, you don’t let the producers pick the girls for you.

I thought he was boring on [Ashley Hebert’s] season to be honest, but his reaction at the end was super funny, I was like, “Good for you!” because he had a normal reaction. He had a reaction that any other guy — if [they] got down and proposed to a girl and she was like “Sorry” — would have. I think he’ll be good as long as he brings himself into it and he’s not boring.

What went wrong with Brad & Emily?
I don’t think he picked the right girl. I think he got caught up in the whole situation and what was going on. Watching the season and kind of knowing how things work, I think that he liked Emily, but I think she wasn’t ready and he knew that — but he picked her anyway because he didn’t want to do what he did last time to Deanna [Pappas]. He didn’t want to walk away and not ask anybody to marry him, and I think it was just a downward spiral from there. I think he should have just — even though he might have been the world’s most hated guy, he should have done the same thing he did last time, because I think he knew that she wasn’t the right one for him.

What’s the one mistake people always make on The Bachelor/Bachelorette?
Drinking too much. Every time you see a glass on The Bachelor — they keep your drinks full. There will be bartenders behind production. If people laid off the booze a little bit more — it probably wouldn’t be as entertaining, but there would be a little less embarrassment.

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11.16.2011 / 02:55 AM EDT by Tracy Goldenberg
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