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Gossip Girl

You Tell Us! Should Chuck Really Have Kissed Blair to “Set Her Free”?

We knew that epic Chair kiss/slap was coming… but we had no idea what was really behind it!

Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 7: "The Big Sleep No More," found Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) absolutely determined to prove that Chuck Bass’ (Ed Westwick) apology was insincere. Her way of doing that? By seeing if he’s abandon his St. Chuck shtick and try to steal her love with a passionate kiss.

Well, Blair’s plan appeared to work. Chuck did indeed smooch her in the dark theatre. Blair promptly chided him with a self-righteous slap and declared she was glad he was such a slimeball — because now she could truly be confident in her decision to marry Prince Louis (Hugo Becker).

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Cut to the end of the episode. Talk about a turn of events: Apparently, Chuck only kissed Blair because he wanted her to hate him and turn back to Louis! This kiss wasn’t a moment of weakness, but a painful decision made to “set her free” and ensure that Blair had no regrets about staying with her prince charming.

Let’s get this straight: So Chuck is willing to make himself look like a jerk, in order to ensure what he thinks is best for Blair’s happiness? Maybe he really is reforming!

But is Chuck really making the right choice? Do you think he’s really acting in Blair’s best interest — or do you wish he’d just be honest with her? (If our newest photo spoilers are any indication, Blair might not even go through with the wedding, anyway!)

11.16.2011 / 04:47 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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