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The X Factor

Cheryl Cole: The X Factor’s Nicole Scherzinger Deserves Insults

We noticed yesterday that former X Factor USA judge Cheryl Cole is in negotiations with Simon Cowell to return to the show — or at least, to the show in its U.K. venue. And Cole hasn’t got any nice words for the show on the western side of the pond... or for her replacement, Nicole Scherzinger.

In a post titled “Cheryl Cole: Nicole Scherzinger deserves everything she gets,” Celebrity news & style notes that the 28-year-old former judge would “have come to blows with Simon” under the insults Scherzinger has borne of late. And Cole’s got no sympathy for the chick who supplanted her — “[a]s far as Cheryl’s concerned,” a friend of Cole’s said, “it’s a kind of justice.”

Some X Factor critics are equally cold concerning Scherzinger, with The New York Times’s Neil Glenzinger leading the pack. “[J]udicially speaking,” Glenzinger drawls, Scherzinger is “not much more than a seat warmer.”

Looks like it’s turning out to be a tough week for Nicole. But in her favor, at least, she can shrug off pretty much anything Cheryl Cole says as sour grapes.

Source: Celebrity news & style