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Revenge Review: Rate Season 1, Episode 8, “Treachery”

Warning! If you haven’t watched Revenge Season 1, Episode 8, “Treachery,” there are major spoilers ahead!

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Revenge? Read our quick review then rate for yourself!

Picking up where we left off two weeks ago, Frank was cooling his dead heels in some random park where fake Amanda/Real Emily (Margarita Levieva) left him she bashed his brains in. This was after he’d left that intriguing voicemail message for Victoria (Madeline Stowe) in his deep, deep voice. (Victoria better keep that as a memento because we’re already missing his resonant tones.)

Emily (Emily VanCamp) isn’t pleased that Amanda brought so much trouble along with her to the Hamptons, but they were juvie buddies, after all. Of course, it didn’t start out that way. In fact, we get some major cat fight action in a flashback to the days when Emily and Amanda were still locked behind bars.

At the moment, though Emily has bigger things to worry about: Lydia is awake and might remember crucial details such as who threw her off her porch and the fact that the cater waiter version of Emily was photographed at 2003 New Year’s party Lydia hosted. Yep, her miracle survival is making everyone, including the Graysons, a little nervous. Victoria covers by inviting Lydia to stay with her until her memories return or she’s able to wear high heels again — whichever comes first.

Emily charges Nolan (Gabriel Mann) with keeping an eye on her erstwhile cellmate, Amanda, while she deals with destroying the evidence trail that leads both of them to Frank’s death. If Nolan is impressed by Amanda’s stripping ability, he doesn’t show it — actually, he’s more interested in the spot of blood he spies on her discarded articles of clothing. He then leaves his house guest to enjoy his infinity pool in peace so he can Photoshop Emily out of Lydia’s picture.

Jack (Nick Wechsler), on the other hand, seems to appreciate the view when he comes looking for Nolan. Like a good older brother, he wants to provide Declan (Connor Paolo) with a sexy place to make it with his girlfriend Charlotte Grayson (Christa Allen), so he wants to borrow Amanda the boat back for the night. Instead he finds human Amanda dripping wet and ready to make him a frou-frou drink.

Meanwhile, prodigal son Daniel Grayson (Joshua Bowman) returns to the family business, displacing Tyler (Ashton Holmes). The bankrupt bad boy plots his own take down with Em’s bestie Ashley (Ashley Madekwe).

Nolan figures out that Emily is Amanda and Amanda is Emily and manages to not be confused because he is a genius. As not all of Frank’s secrets are bound to stay hidden, Emily fesses up to her (well, the real Emily Thorne’s) criminal past when the police come a knockin’. Daniel is there to comfort her, and he decides to confront Victoria for her wicked ways. It turns out his mother sent the police after Emily, even if she doesn’t believe her son’s girlfriend killed Frank.

Amanda shows up at Jack’s bar, ready for another drink. Though Emily wanted her far, far away from the Hamptons and her plots, it seems like Amanda has other plans.

11.17.2011 / 10:36 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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