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The Kardashians

PETA Targets Kim Kardashian in New Billboard

Kim Kardashian just can’t win these days. Not only is the celebutante and her family the target of an Internet campaign to remove the famous brood from the E! Entertainment network, now PETA is coming out against the 31-year-old reality TV star for wearing fur. And they’re doing it in a big way – with a specially-designed billboard lambasting the socialite for her fashion faux pas.

The controversial billboard shows a photo of Kim dressed in fur adjacent to a shot of two downtrodden but adorable baby foxes. “Kim: These Babies Miss Their Mother,” the sign reads, followed by, “Is She on Your Back?”

PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange explains the organization’s stance to Us Weekly: “Kim knows that animals on fur farms are beaten, electrocuted, and often skinned alive. We've explained it to her, and she's watched a video exposé that was filmed inside fur farms.”

"When Kim is ready to put an end to her relationship with fur, PETA will be happy to take her discards and donate them to the homeless," Lang adds.

The salacious billboard doesn’t really come as a shocker; PETA has been known to do far more contentious things in the name of protecting the earth’s cuddly creatures – but it is a rather dramatic move. With everything the soon-to-be-divorced diva already has on her plate, a hateful billboard at the corner of Beverly Boulevard and Sweetzer Avenue is sure to add some salt to an already gaping public wound.

And unlike the “No More Kardashians” online petition, this billboard is aimed only at Kim. Last year, PETA named the 31-year-old the “Worst Dressed Celebrity,” while her sister, Khloe, posed nude for PETA’s “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign – so clearly not all the Kardashians are on PETA’s sh*t list.

As for what PETA hopes to accomplish? Their goal is that the “prominent billboard will finally be enough to convince divorce herself from fur and say ‘I do’ to a more compassionate wardrobe.” Oy. Sounds like Kris Humphries isn’t the only thing Kim loves that hasn’t been good for her image!

Source: Us Weekly

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11.18.2011 / 01:20 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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