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Grey's Anatomy

Private Practice Spoilers: 10 Hints About Season 8, Episode 8: “Who We Are”

Grey's Anatomy is off the air until January (why ABC!?), but at least we have a two-hour Private Practice special to make up for the lack of Grey's tonight.

We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek of Private Practice Season 8, Episode 8: "Who We Are," ahead of time, and despite some after school special moment, it's griping. We can't give away any major plot point, but here are 10 hints about the episode to whet your interest:

  1. Someone gets slapped.
  2. The doctors break a law
  3. Someone makes a surprising proposal.
  4. Choice quote: "If you don't ____, I will fire you."
  5. A family heirloom plays a large role.
  6. Laughter comes at an unexpected moment.
  7. Some parts are extremely hard to watch.
  8. A death threat is made.
  9. There's a shocking revelation from a character you wouldn't suspect.
  10. When the episode ends, you'll be very glad there's a second hour right away.

Don't miss the episode at 9/8c tonight on ABC.

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