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Modern Family

Cam and Mitchell’s Top 10 Relationship Quotes From Modern Family Season 3

Cam and Mitchell are everyone’s favorite dynamic duo on Modern Family. Their lovable spars and competitive arguments somehow make them even more adorable — and their sparkly good looks definitely help. (And we mean sparkly in the most literal way possible. Cam loves glitter!).

Check out this cute couple’s best quote-a-doodle-doos of the season!

Cameron: “How would she know I'm gay?”
Mitchell: “Maybe by the way you ordered a drink a-doodle-do.”

Ending sentences like you’re a rooster is a dead-giveaway.

Cam: “You hate her sparkly outfit, don't you?”
Mitchell: “No I told you it was fine, I just didn't like you wearing a matching one.”

Sparkly clothes are like Highlanders: There can be only one.

Cam: “Thanks for staying home with me.”
Mitchell: “Well, you know, in sickness and in health, right?”
Cam: “You're still blinking sweetie.”

In sickness and in health unless Lady Gaga is in the picture.

Mitchell: “You do love pink.”
Cam: “No, pink loves me.”

All the colors of the rainbow love Cam.

Cameron: “I love Jay, but I don't know about him raising a child.”
Mitchell: “He raised me.”
Cameron: “Well now you've put me in an awkward position.”

What’s awkward about telling your man that his childhood was screwed up?

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Mitchell: “I guess you don't respect party themes.”
Cam: “You did NOT just say that.”

Never question Cam’s love of princess parties.

Cam: “She's already prone to flashbacks, if you know what I mean.”
Mitchell: “You know she didn't fight in Vietnam, right?”

Clearly, Cam’s referring to all the LSD Lily drops.

Mitchell: “Aren't you going to change into a working man's outfit?”
Cameron: “I don't think workmen really call them outfits.”

Tell that to The Village People.

Mitchell: “I never went to sports games with him.”
Cameron: “Probably because you call them sports games. Lose the sports.”

Who needs sports games when you can watch Bravo at the Gym?

Cam: “My dream for him is that one day, he'll be on the Supreme Court.”
Mitchell: “Why, Cam?”
Cam: “So at parties I can tell people my partner is one of the Supremes.”

Referring to your husband as a famous Diva always helps break the ice!

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