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Decoding the Flashbacks From Ringer Episode 9: ”Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna”

The rich and famous fashionistas on Ringer love nothing more than to stare off into space and experience the myriad joys of an awkward flashback.

Usually, these flashbacks serve no purpose whatsoever, but sometimes we actually learn something. This week’s lesson? How to plant a gun in someone’s suitcase.

Flashback #1: Bridget Recalls That One Time She Ran Away

Credit: The CW    

The Breakdown: The door to Bridget’s hotel room opens slowly and Jimmy the Hunky Policeman skulks in. Bridget proceeds to hit him over the head, and he’s like, “BFD, I’m too manly to notice that I’m bleeding profusely.”

Jimmy proceeds to tell Bridget that she’ll be killed by Machado’s henchmen if she testifies against him because he “owns the Feds.” Please, the only person who owns the Feds are Siobhan and her fetus.

Bridget agrees to leave town and Jimmy tries to get her to take his gun with him. She refuses and then Jimmy dramatically stares at her duffel bag ... presumably in horror over the fact that it’s not Louis Vuitton.

The Point: We previously were led to believe that Bridget stole Jimmy’s gun and made the call to run away. Now we know it was all Jimmy’s idea. Or was it? Stay tuned ...

Flashback #2: Bridget Stares at a Gun!

Credit: The CW    

The Breakdown: Bridget’s sitting in Shiv’s guest room lost in a deep though (per usual, sigh) when she decides to ruffle through her bag. Turns out Jimmy stashed his gun in there and Bridget failed to notice that her luggage was about five pounds heavier.

Shiv interrupts Bridget’s discover to say something snarky and Bridget goes back to looking confused and traumatized. For a strung-out stripper, this girl sure acts delicate.

The Point: If you see something, say something.

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11.19.2011 / 12:25 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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