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The Bachelorette

Erica Rose Defends Kasey Kahl: Vienna Girardi Was a Gold Digger — Exclusive Interview!

As Kasey Kahl hit the Sloane & Tate Launch Party in Hollywood on Thursday, November 17 with a pretty girl on each arm (former BP2 co-stars Erica Rose and Melissa Schreiber, that is), it looked like he was doing just fine after his recent split from Vienna Girardi.

Kasey flashed his signature smile and made small talk on the carpet, telling a friend he was doing really well, while posing with his arms around Erica and Melissa. He even told Wetpaint Entertainment that he appreciated our dating suggestions, and is trying to figure out Kirsten Dunst’s Twitter handle.

Erica Rose Defends Kasey Kahl: Vienna Girardi Was a Gold Digger — Exclusive Interview!
Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Studio 54    

But according to Erica, Kasey is putting on a brave face while still processing the maybe not entirely drama-free break-up.

“He’s been really sad,” she told us exclusively. “He’s been calling me all week long, crying.”

Erica, who shares some history with Kasey, did not mince her words when talking about his former girlfriend, who post-split took off to Florida to stay with her parents.

“She’s not a nice girl, and I don’t mind saying that because we’re not friends,” she told us. “I warned him about Vienna from the beginning. I told him that she was a gold digger and that she would take his money and leave, and that’s exactly what she did. She took all his furniture and put it in a U-Haul and drove home with it.”

Sounds…not entirely amicable. And Erica sure knows whose side she’s on.

Meanwhile, a far more diplomatic Melissa tells us she still remains friends with Kasey and Vienna, and is there for both of them, should they need her.

“I honestly support both of them,” she told us. “I love Kasey and I love Vienna. I’m not taking sides.”

But that hasn’t made it any easier to see her two friends call it quits.

“It’s sad, because I love them so much and I really did love them as a couple,” she told us. “And contrary to popular belief, when they were together, they were happy. We would all hang out together. We had fun! So it’s always sad to see a couple break up, but I think they’ll be okay.”

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